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Social Studies

From the rooftop of the W Hotel one can see inside the windows of the White House. At last night’s FedScoop reception, the only Windows people were peeking in belonged to Microsoft.

Here are the top 8 things you missed if you weren’t at the FedScoop hosted party celebrating Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest operating system:

1. Internet privacy - At the private viewing of Windows 8, Microsoft experts were on hand to debut the system one-on-one with guests

2. Signature cocktails – HP provided Strawberry-Lemontinis, Lenovo served up Lenovotinis with fresh fruit juice, each in engraved souvenir glasses featuring the companies’ logos.

3. Technology super-sized –  Tactile techies got to play on a Perceptive Pixel 82-inch LCD Multi-Touch Display screen showcasing Windows 8.

4. The view – When grabbing a drink inside the FedScoop Networking and Device Bar, guests looked down across one of the best cityscapes in Washington.

5. WinChatVirtually everyone from DC’s tech scene was networking inside W Hotel’s Altitide Ballroom where the reception was held.

6. Mega bites – Guests enjoyed lamb samosas, Manchego tarts with quiche jam, chicken skewers, bacon-wrapped shrimp, sliders with Russian dressing and Maryland crabcakes.

7. Transportation and infrastructure – The crowd learned that the metro system may have nothing to do with the Red Line.

8. Sweet science – As guests logged out of the party, Citrix provided take-home boxes of Windows 8 red velvet treats from Georgetown Cupcake.