Agriculture Department: Deputy CIO for Policy and Planning Joyce Hunter

Agriculture Department IT budget
for FY 2016 $2.79 billion

- Cybersecurity 
- Workforce planning

When FITARA became law last year, it left many executives across government wringing their hands over the sweeping way it centralized IT spending decisions under department CIOs.

Agriculture Department Deputy CIO Joyce Hunter’s response was different: She threw a party.

“I came from industry prior to coming into Agriculture, so we would always give kick off parties for proposals that we were going to do,” she said. “So we wanted to approach FITARA just like we were responding to an RFP.”

At the party, workers were divided into color teams and assigned tasks to help the agency respond to the legislation.

Hunter said she expects FITARA, along with cybersecurity and workforce planning, will continue to be a focus for her department in 2016.

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