Nigel Ballard is Intel's Director of Federal Marketing. He is on the Board of Advisors of Fedscoop and is Chairman of their Federal Marketing Executive Board. Nigel is also a Delegate of The Intelligent Cities Project. Originally from the United Kingdom, he now lives with his family and their dog Bowlie in Portland, Oregon. He was awarded the Homeland Defense top award for his wireless technology and leadership during the Katrina disaster. When the 2010 Haiti earthquake struck he was asked by The White House to assist in the relief and recovery effort. He is also a Fed 100 winner. Prior to joining Intel, Nigel spent twenty years in the wireless arena, consulting with Fortune 100 companies on wireless investments and consumer product marketing. He authored the wireless framework for Portland’s citywide Wi-Fi network RFP. Nigel worked on the development of the first commercially successful PDA, namely the Palm Pilot, for CEO Donna Dubinsky, then went on to work with Sony Japan on tablet computers supporting Magic Cap. Before moving to the USA in 2000, he managed Bluetooth globally for Cap Gemini out of France. His career passions include delivering breakthrough marketing, teleworking and mobile computing, to name but a few. He is known for thinking out the box, tracking the zeitgeist and trying hard to stay ahead of the puck. He owns many musical instruments yet cannot play any of them! His latest toys are: A Sony DSC-HX9V compact camera with an awesome 16.2 Mega Pixel backlit sensor and a titanium spork! He's currently teaching their daughter about electronics and coding using an Arduino development kit, and having a lot of fun doing it.

Your Mileage will Vary

People both in and out of the computer industry have been blown away by the success of the Apple iPAD. Think of your best possible sales projections, then triple them — that’s how well the thing is selling. But is it all things to all men? Of course not, but then again, nothing really is.

Embracing the Change

Your shiny new car is delivered – it’s normally a cause for celebration! The sales literature assured you it will be an altogether more rewarding experience than your last ride. That’s how I felt about my first opportunity to vote in the last elections. As a shiny new American citizen I was, and remain, chock full of hope. First time voter, long time fan! Spending time in Washington in this new administration, one does indeed get the sense that there is a new sheriff in town. I’ve observed a new energy and an urgency of execution. I’m pleased to see…