FCC CIO David Bray on inspiring change

David Bray, chief information officer of the Federal Communications Commission, joins FedScoop TV at FedTalks 2014 to discuss how he’s bringing change to the FCC.

Watch FCC CIO David Bray’s FedTalks presentation

David Bray, chief information officer of the Federal Communications Commission, discussed change agents in exponential times during his keynote presentation at FedTalks 2014.

‘Dream team’ releases first U.S. open government playbook

A working group of more than 40 government agencies and nonprofits is asking for the public’s help in crafting a guide that details the best ways for the government to engage and collaborate with its citizens.

Obama: FCC should classify broadband under Title II

President Barack Obama is urging the FCC to reclassify broadband Internet under Title II of the Communications Act in order to protect net neutrality.

Commentary: Consumers benefit from progressive Internet regulations

Debra Berlyn, president of Consumer Policy Solutions and chairwoman for the FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee, discusses what’s at stake for consumers in the net neutrality debate.

House science committee to examine NSF grant to study Twitter activity

The House Science, Space and Technology Committee will investigate a nearly $1 million grant the National Science Foundation awarded to a project that looks to decipher how online interactions affect popular sentiment, specifically on Twitter.

Title II or Section 706? Legal minds weigh FCC’s net neutrality options

If FCC chairman Tom Wheeler was looking for a clear answer to regulating Internet providers, he didn’t find one during a panel discussion Tuesday.

Commentary: To protect that ‘kid in the garage,’ avoid regulating broadband under Title II

If the FCC doesn’t keep the Internet open, it will fundamentally alter the way the innovators of tomorrow think. And that will will kill innovation and creativity, argues Georgetown University Professor Maria Kovacs.

FCC’s Rosenworcel: D.C. needs to get in the Silicon Valley ‘sandbox’

FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel says the federal government will only move forward after it adopts a mindset normally seen in Silicon Valley.

FCC stiff arms NFL on sports blackout rule

The Federal Communications Commission unanimously voted to end the sports blackout rule Tuesday, dealing another blow to an already image-damaged National Football League. Since 1975, local broadcast networks were unable to air NFL games if a home team did not sell out its stadium. The league stood by the rule as a way to boost attendance numbers, but the commission now views the rule as unnecessary. “It’s a simple fact, the federal government should not be party to sports teams keeping their fans from viewing the games, period,” FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said. “For 40 years, these teams have hidden…

FCC roundtable debates user expectations in a new Internet landscape

A panel of industry professionals and academics talked about how rapidly things have changed since the FCC’s 2010 Open Internet rules.

FCC’s Wheeler: ‘Title II is very much on the table’ for net neutrality

FCC Chair Tom Wheeler told a House committee Wednesday that regulating Internet service providers like common carriers, through Title II, is “very much on the table.”

Net neutrality fight goes vocal at first FCC roundtable

Michael Weinberg, the vice president of public technology nonprofit Public Knowledge, distilled months of written rancor over the Federal Communications Commission’s forthcoming Open Internet policy down to two spoken sentences.

FCC’s Wheeler: U.S. needs better competition if it wants better broadband

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler acknowledged Thursday the FCC’s definition of high-speed Internet is outdated and that the entire system may have reached a choke point. His Agenda for Broadband Competition focuses on promoting and encouraging industry competition that ultimately benefits consumers and having the FCC step in to create competition where the commission feels it is lacking.

David Bray on FCC’s cloud adoption

FCC Chief Information Officer David Bray recently sat down with FedScoop as part of the Cloud Innovation Heroes campaign, presented by Intel and Amazon Web Services, to talk about his agency’s adoption of cloud computing.

NHTSA begins to explore vehicle-to-vehicle communications

Technology that could save more than 1,000 lives on the road per year is one step closer to reality after the Transportation Department’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released an advance notice of proposed rule-making about vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology.

FCC establishes deadlines for text-to-911 services

The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 Friday to require all wireless carriers and some messaging services to allow people to text 911 in the event of an emergency.

The new rules called for all providers to allow texts to emergency services by Dec. 31, 2014 and all 911 call centers, known as public safety answering points (PSAPs), to implement the ability to receive messages by June 30, 2015.

FCC opens entire set of net neutrality comments to public

The Federal Communications Commission released files Tuesday containing the full library of more than 1.1 million public comments directed at the commission’s Open Internet plan. Six XML files were released on the commission’s Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS), totaling 1.4 GB in size.  “The release of the comments as open data in this machine-readable format will allow researchers, journalists and others to analyze and create visualizations of the data so that the public and the FCC can discuss and learn from the comments we’ve received,” wrote Gigi B. Sohn, special council of external affairs for the FCC in a blog entry. “Our…

Dan Morgan debuts as DOT’s first chief data officer

The Transportation Department’s first-ever chief data officer, Dan Morgan, officially joined the the department to head its data expansion efforts Monday.

Anti-social: Feds wonder why social media companies drag feet on accessibility issues

The Federal Communications Commission hosted a panel of experts Thursday to talk about the challenges and ongoing need to make social media platforms more accessible to those with disabilities. But there was one group of representatives that was notably absent from the proceedings: the social media companies themselves.

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