DATA Act passes Senate

The Senate on Thursday passed the long-awaited Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, sending the bill to the House, where it is expected to pass swiftly.

‘We have to put pressure on OMB,’ GAO head tells Congress

The Government Accountability Office acts as the watchdog for the federal government, keeping constant oversight on departments and agencies. But sometimes, even GAO needs some extra weight behind it.

Armed with tech background, political hopeful aims to shake up Congress

He’s been labeled a hacker. An open source coder. And software developer and engineer. He’s even been a public servant. And now, Dave Cole is running for Congress.

Budget breakdown: Windfall for workforce, R&D and STEM education

Despite what many consider a very modest pay raise for government employees, the budget request for fiscal year 2015 appears to actually invest in the federal workforce. Unveiled March 4, the FY 2015 budget request proposed a 1 percent pay increase for government employees, but emphasized more significant investments in training, development and recruitment initiatives for the federal workforce.

FedMentor: Theresa Grafenstine, House of Representatives

Theresa Grafenstine, inspector general at the U.S. House of Representatives, shares career advice for up-and-coming federal employees in this FedMentors video.

GAO: keeping agencies — and itself — accountable

The Government Accountability Office has estimated it has a return rate of $100 per every $1 invested in the agency.

Concerns raised about ‘structural defects,’ poor decisions at DHS

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson testified Wednesday before House lawmakers, in what was billed as an opportunity for the new secretary to lay out for Congress his management and policy priorities for the department.

TechTake: Pressure now on Senate to deliver government transparency

It’s only Wednesday, but this week has already been a big one for the federal IT community.

Modified FITARA resurfaces

As everyone packed up for the holiday last year, the outlook on the Hill was optimistic that the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act would find its way to the president’s desk in 2014. Less than two months into the new year, FITARA has been reintroduced — with some changes.

New perks on, the Web portal succeeding, added new features to its repertoire Feb. 20.

Sec. Perez takes Twitter questions, disputes CBO on minimum wage

Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 would have little or no negative impact on employment, according to Labor Secretary Tom Perez in a Feb. 18 Twitter question-and-answer session.

FedWire: Talking solar, 100,000 jobs for veterans, and research lab visit

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Coalition puts pressure on White House to back DATA Act

A coalition of organizations signed a letter released Tuesday, urging President Barack Obama to publicly support the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act and sign it into law when it reaches his desk.

New bill requires EPA to release scientific data

A bill introduced in Congress on Feb. 6 would restrict the Environmental Protection Agency from proposing regulations unless the scientific data behind the regulations has been publicly released.

FedWire: Rifles, cells and Olympic golds

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FTC encourages intensified data breach legislation

For the third time this week, the Federal Trade Commission testified Wednesday before Congress on data breaches.

Retail data breaches spur renewed interest in legislation

Recent high-profile data breaches at two major retail outlets have reignited efforts by the Obama administration and its allies in the Senate to introduce and pass a federal data security and breach notification law.

New format of congressional documents creates transparency, opportunity

Today, in a major win for the open data community, the Government Printing Office partnered with the Library of Congress to make summaries for House bills available in XML format.

FedWire: Making impacts, weather maps and Mars

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House hosts app contest to promote STEM

The inaugural Congressional Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Academic Competition may be bringing the House App Contest to your congressional district.

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