First digital library from GPO depository program goes live in North Dakota

After decades of providing physical documents to local and university libraries as a part of its federal depository library program, the Government Printing Office is making the move to digital-only at one federal depository library.

Issa demands answers after hack

News of a security breach at has reinvigorated the Republican-led effort to convince Americans the law and the website are broken. And now the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is demanding answers from the Obama administration’s point person at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Up & Comers: RATB’s Samantha Hoang

At RATB, 27-year-old Samantha Hoang regularly looks for vulnerabilities in its information security systems and makes sure that patches are up-to-date.

Congress, don’t stop editing Wikipedia

Wikimedia DC — the nonprofit regional Wikimedia chapter for the Washington, D.C., area committed to promoting the upkeep of Wikipedia’s public services — published a blog post Monday challenging congressional staffers to continue editing away on Wikipedia.

Obama proposes 1 percent pay raise for federal employees

President Obama last week proposed raising wages for civilian federal employees by at least one percent in 2015, a move that could prevent a higher increase from taking effect automatically under federal law.

Issa launches investigation into USPTO telework abuse

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee announced Tuesday it has launched an investigation into alleged abuses of telework privileges at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Issa claims telework abuse and fraud has been a significant contributor to the massive backlog of patent applications and said such activity appears to be widespread.

NHTSA begins to explore vehicle-to-vehicle communications

Technology that could save more than 1,000 lives on the road per year is one step closer to reality after the Transportation Department’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released an advance notice of proposed rule-making about vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology.

FAA looks to create Center of Excellence for drone research

Now that the Federal Aviation Administration has opened all of its unmanned aircraft systems test sites, the agency will attempt to increase its information-gathering capability by partnering with universities to create a UAS center of excellence.

Inside the FAA’s newest drone test site

The sixth and final Federal Aviation Administration-approved testing facility for unmanned aircraft systems became officially operational Wednesday in Blacksburg, Virginia.

FAA rule for model aircraft too narrow, commenters say

As the Federal Aviation Administration prepares to issue guidelines for how it will handle unmanned aircraft systems, the agency is tightening what constitutes a model aircraft so there’s no confusion between the two.

5 IT legislative initiatives that went nowhere before recess

As August begins, the inhabitants of the Capitol building are skipping town for five weeks. In its exit, the legislative branch left several IT bills left unfinished on the table and will have less than two months before November’s midterm election and about four months until the 114th Congress takes office to address some of the major technology issues.

Twitter bots like @congressedits expose agency Wikipedia behavior

A Wikipedia monitoring tool called @congressedits makes it easier to identify potentially politically motivated edits. Advocates claim it can benefit the public.

VA reform bill heads to POTUS’ desk, but what about IT?

The VA reform bill provides funding to expand health care capacity and calls for an independent review of VA operation, including VA’s IT systems.

Senate bill attempts to modify FERPA in era of big data

In introducing the Protecting Student Privacy Act of 2014, Sens. Ed Markey, D-Mass., and Orrin Hatch, R-Utah would amend the 40-year-old FERPA provisions to ensure that student data handled by private companies is protected.

Reps. take new aim at IT procurement reform

­As the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act awaits action on the Senate floor, four members of Congress are taking a different approach to federal IT procurement reform. Introduced by Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., the Reforming Federal Procurement of Information Technology Act (RFP-IT Act) aims to reform the federal IT procurement process by making it easier for innovative businesses to compete for government projects and establishing a new office to improve federal IT accountability. Eshoo is a ranking member of the Communications and Technology Subcommittee in the House Energy & Commerce Committee and co-chairs the Congressional Internet Caucus. One of the bill’s provisions would establish the…

Problem IT threatens progress at Social Security Administration

After more than $280 million spent over six years on an IT project that has yet to be completed, two recent studies have said the Social Security Administration’s faltering IT investments could jeopardize future modernization efforts.

Has Google made NTIS irrelevant?

Before there was the Internet, there was the National Technical Information Service. But now that there is an Internet with virtually unlimited storage capacity and powerful search engines, some in Congress think it might be time to delete the NTIS from the list of top-level government domains.

Significant national security challenges remain 10 years after 9/11 commission report

A decade after the 9/11 Commission issued its final report on the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States, the threat from global terrorism may be more pronounced than ever, with major new vulnerabilities emerging in cyberspace and a Congressional homeland security oversight system plagued by duplication and turf battles.

Significant security flaws in Treasury Department, FDIC computer systems

The GAO released two reports last week that detailed security weaknesses in two federal agencies that are responsible for U.S. financial information.

Senate defense spending bill slashes IT by half-billion, uplifts cyber

The Senate Appropriations Committee passed a fiscal year 2015 Defense Department spending bill Thursday that would cut defense IT spending by a half-billion and reduce President Obama’s military budget requests by $1.4 billion overall.

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