FAA allows use of drones in search for missing Texas woman

Christina Marie Morris of Fort Worth, Texas was last seen in Plano, Texas, Aug. 30, and after more than 10 days of searching on foot, by car and on horseback, the search will take to the skies via drone.

NOAA’s Daniel McCrae on moving mobility plans past the hardware

McCrae, who manages a mobility system for NOAA, said mission focus should be the ultimate guideline for developing an agency’s mobility plan.

What to expect at NIST’s Global Cities Challenge

The Internet of Things, and the ways cities can leverage this emerging technology, is evolving at a rapid pace. Some cities have embraced it fully, while others are trying to keep up. Sokwoo Rhee, a presidential innovation fellow who is working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, hopes to close that gap during an upcoming conference where innovators will meet with global city planners in order to bring everyone up to speed. Rhee on Friday laid out the plans for NIST’s Global Cities Challenge, which will be held later this month at the agency’s Gaithersburg, Maryland, headquarters. The…

NIST producing guide to help government vet mobile apps

The National Institute of Standards and Technology knows that even the best apps can have unseen and undiscovered vulnerabilities. With agencies trying to balance the versatility of mobility with also keeping data secure, NIST is asking for the public’s help in creating a guide that will allow agency security analysts to scrutinize mobile apps.

Issa launches investigation into USPTO telework abuse

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee announced Tuesday it has launched an investigation into alleged abuses of telework privileges at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Issa claims telework abuse and fraud has been a significant contributor to the massive backlog of patent applications and said such activity appears to be widespread.

Feds working to overcome challenges, early failures in public-facing mobile apps

As agencies continually release public-facing mobile apps to better serve American citizens, the directors and strategists behind their creation are the first to admit there is room for improvement.

Misconduct report batters USPTO’s celebrated telework program

The U.S. Patent and Trade Office has been celebrated both in and out of government for its decade-plus of teleworking practices. But upon the closer look of an internal investigation, some teleworking patent examiners appear to be gaming the system while their supervisors have no tools in place to deal with the misconduct and the directors in charge look the other way.

New Census app turns big data into big trivia

The U.S. Census Bureau released an app Wednesday that pulls trivia questions from the bureau’s American Community Survey.

BlackBerry gets DISA approval for iOS, Android device management platform

DISA has given clearance to BlackBerry’s Secure Work Space, its containerization service that is part of the company’s mobile device management suite.

NIST announces details of second privacy workshop

NIST is planning to host its second privacy engineering workshop, aimed at providing guidance to privacy engineers who handle personal information.

Is NSA’s PRISM program ruining cloud computing’s growth?

The New America foundation said U.S.-based cloud computing companies are already starting to lose market share due to the NSA spying scandal.

Commerce IG: NOAA needs to better protect its satellite data

A Commerce Department report says NOAA has had data breaches from satellite programs in the past few years.

Dan Morgan debuts as DOT’s first chief data officer

The Transportation Department’s first-ever chief data officer, Dan Morgan, officially joined the the department to head its data expansion efforts Monday.

Census looks to improve website, increase digital presence

Two months after rolling out a new website to make data more accessible, the U.S. Census Bureau is continuing to revamp its online presence.

Has Google made NTIS irrelevant?

Before there was the Internet, there was the National Technical Information Service. But now that there is an Internet with virtually unlimited storage capacity and powerful search engines, some in Congress think it might be time to delete the NTIS from the list of top-level government domains.

NTIA’s Strickling: ICANN oversight transition won’t harm Internet

The U.S. government’s transition away from ICANN oversight does not spell doom and gloom for the Internet, Lawrence Strickling said in a speech Tuesday.

NIST investigates forensic challenges in the cloud

With complications performing forensics in the cloud in mind, the National Institute for Standards and Technology created a cloud computing forensic science working group to enumerate and explore the challenges distinct to the cloud. Monday, NIST released a draft of the challenges discovered by the working group for public consideration. While the draft briefly explores 65 issues NIST’s group found, working group co-chair Dr. Martin Herman, a senior advisor for Forensics and IT at NIST, said the list is in no way exhaustive — just a first look at a very big problem.

Pritzker announces Commerce chief data officer position

Commerce Department Secretary Penny Pritzker announced Monday her department’s plans to hire its first ever chief data officer, an effort to expand its role as “America’s data agency.”

The future looks ‘foggy’ for cloud computing

You should familiarize yourself with “fog computing,” “cloudlets” and “cyberforaging.” The future of the cloud is coming.

Independent panel urges NIST to develop internal cryptography expertise

A group of outside experts recommend the National Institute of Standards and Technology hire more cryptographers and lessen its reliance on the National Security Agency for approving cryptographic algorithms, according to a report released Monday.

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