Rogers sets course for a new era at NSA

His first 100 days as the new director of NSA now complete, Admiral Michael Rogers has planted a series of clear navigation beacons for his employees to follow as they seek to move beyond the Edward Snowden era. And he’ll be damned if one outlaw leaker and a handful of journalists are allowed to write the final chapter of NSA’s storied history.

Chuck Hagel and the secret war over DOD & VA electronic health records

Some of the original developers of the Department of Veterans Affairs electronic health record system, known as VistA, credit Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel with championing the pioneering EHR effort in 1982 and helping it become a reality. Now, more than 30 years later, the Defense Department has rejected VistA as a viable EHR option and is about to spend billions on a new system. What happened?

BlackBerry gets DISA approval for iOS, Android device management platform

DISA has given clearance to BlackBerry’s Secure Work Space, its containerization service that is part of the company’s mobile device management suite.

Army leads the way in small business contracting

The Small Business Administration announced Aug. 1 that the federal government reached its small business contracting goal for the first time in eight years, and the U.S. Army was a critical force behind that success.

Feeding the government’s hunger for security clearances — literally

It’s no secret the federal government has a voracious appetite for security clearances. But what many probably don’t know is that even if your dream is to prepare and serve lunch to those hard-working analysts at the CIA, NSA or Defense Intelligence Agency, you’re still going to have to pack a top-secret security clearance with cleared access to sensitive compartmented information.

NGA awards BAE Systems contract to maintain ‘Map of the World’

BAE will be responsible for enhancing the ‘Map of the World’ project moving forward as NGA moves away from static mapping products.

Twitter bots like @congressedits expose agency Wikipedia behavior

A Wikipedia monitoring tool called @congressedits makes it easier to identify potentially politically motivated edits. Advocates claim it can benefit the public.

UAE ups UAV ante with $1 million prize for public service drones

The UAE government plans to award more than $1 million in prizes for the best new ideas to improve people’s lives using drones.

Is NSA’s PRISM program ruining cloud computing’s growth?

The New America foundation said U.S.-based cloud computing companies are already starting to lose market share due to the NSA spying scandal.

DARPA-funded program makes cloud-to-cloud connectivity ‘elastic’

A new proof-of-concept funded by DARPA and led by scientists from AT&T, IBM and Applied Communication Sciences is shredding terabit-sized cloud network inter-connection into a sub-minute process by making that connection “elastic.”

Commerce IG: NOAA needs to better protect its satellite data

A Commerce Department report says NOAA has had data breaches from satellite programs in the past few years.

Dan Morgan debuts as DOT’s first chief data officer

The Transportation Department’s first-ever chief data officer, Dan Morgan, officially joined the the department to head its data expansion efforts Monday.

Significant national security challenges remain 10 years after 9/11 commission report

A decade after the 9/11 Commission issued its final report on the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States, the threat from global terrorism may be more pronounced than ever, with major new vulnerabilities emerging in cyberspace and a Congressional homeland security oversight system plagued by duplication and turf battles.

Inside the Pentagon’s scaled back audit expectations

A memorandum issued in 2011 by former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta gave the military services until Sept. 30 of this year to get their Statement of Budgetary Resources ready for audit. But the Pentagon quietly changed its game plan and is now working toward a significantly scaled-back set of expectations.

Cybercom event explores agency roles in cyber incident response

Cybersecurity and incident response are practices engrained in most every 21st century federal agency. But when it comes to a massive cyber attack requiring the aid of multiple, partnering groups, which agency does what? Last week, the U.S. Cyber Command demonstrated a specific framework for how several critical agencies can play complementary roles in the national cyber incident response process.

Senate defense spending bill slashes IT by half-billion, uplifts cyber

The Senate Appropriations Committee passed a fiscal year 2015 Defense Department spending bill Thursday that would cut defense IT spending by a half-billion and reduce President Obama’s military budget requests by $1.4 billion overall.

DARPA wants help answering ‘trillion-dollar questions’ in the smallest way possible

DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office held an expo Friday presenting the new areas in which it’s concentrating its efforts to facilitate collaboration between academics, industry and government that will continue to push the boundaries of microsystem technology.

NSA adds to Cyber Ops Centers for Excellence

New York University, the United States Military Academy, Towson University, The University of Cincinnati and the University of New Orleans have been added to a list of now thirteen universities recognized be the National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations.

Independent panel urges NIST to develop internal cryptography expertise

A group of outside experts recommend the National Institute of Standards and Technology hire more cryptographers and lessen its reliance on the National Security Agency for approving cryptographic algorithms, according to a report released Monday.

DOD stands out in software license management

The Government Accountability Office last week released a report recognizing DOD’s software license management plan as satisfactory in effectively meeting four statutory requirements set forth by section 937 of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2013.

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