Watch Terry Halvorsen’s FedTalks 2014 keynote

Watch as Terry Halvorsen, acting chief information officer for the Defense Department, commands the stage during his FedTalks 2014 keynote.

Hagel launches defense innovation effort

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced a sweeping new innovation effort Saturday designed to help the Pentagon maintain its technological and readiness edge in the face of a major reduction in the size of the military and unprecedented budget pressures.

Archives seeks new Federal Register director with top-secret clearance

The National Archives is on the hunt for a new director of the Federal Register — one with a top-secret security clearance.

NSA officer on privacy reform: ‘It’s a work in progress’

Despite all of the stories that point to the contrary, the NSA’s chief privacy and civil liberties officer says the agency is “growing and evolving” on how it approaches privacy.

Off the grid: Why can’t the U.S. find ISIL’s money?

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant is now considered the richest terrorist group in the world. But in a world of electronic banking, why is it so hard to identify the group’s middlemen and their money trail?

Terry Halvorsen discusses DOD’s forthcoming cloud efforts

Terry Halvorsen, acting chief information officer for the Defense Department, joins FedScoop TV after his 2014 FedTalks keynote to  discuss DOD’s forthcoming cloud efforts.

Inside the Halvorsen strategy for DOD information sharing

Terry Halvorsen, the Defense Department’s acting chief information officer, wasn’t happy with the Pentagon’s original cloud policy. The department just wasn’t moving fast enough. So Halvorsen has crafted a new strategy that will not only get the military to the cloud faster, but will also improve information sharing and security and save a whole lot of money in the process.

How DARPA’s newest office wants to stop the next Ebola crisis before it starts

DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office announced a new simplified funding vehicle, EZ BAA, that aims to help inject money into an array of bioscience areas.

BlackBerry COO: Comments from former NSA lawyer ‘don’t make any sense’

BlackBerry’s Chief Operating Officer Marty Beard said the comments by a former NSA lawyer that the company’s demise is based on its encryption philosophy don’t “make any sense.” Beard responded to the claims at FedScoop’s FedTalks event Thursday after giving a talk on digitally protecting critical government assets. “Security is a topic that’s increasing in importance,” Beard said. “It’s the reason that all G7 countries and the G20 work with BlackBerry.” At a Web summit in Dublin, Ireland, former NSA lawyer Stewart Baker claimed that BlackBerry’s struggles in the mobile marketplace were due to its encryption efforts and that Apple and Google…

Dell: New Venue 11 Pro ‘most secure Windows tablet in the industry’

The Texas-based computer giant unveiled its Dell 11 Venue Pro tablet Wednesday, which the company is calling the most secure Windows tablet on the market.

OPM targets vets for federal STEM jobs

The Office of Personnel Management has a plan to tackle two of the nation’s most pressing workforce challenges: the shortage of qualified STEM professionals and helping military veterans find meaningful employment as they transition back into civilian life.

Is the post-Snowden cloud apocalypse real?

Many predicted Europe would abandon U.S.-based cloud providers in the aftermath of last year’s NSA leaks that revealed a massive Internet surveillance program that tapped into the servers of some of America’s biggest Internet companies. So why are U.S. cloud providers still making money and expanding in Europe?

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates offers sober critique of U.S. cybersecurity posture

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates unleashed a scathing assessment Thursday of the U.S. government’s handling of national cybersecurity policy, blaming bureaucratic turf battles and a dysfunctional Congress for the lack of progress on information sharing and critical infrastructure protection.

DISA mobility update: 40,000 unclassified devices by 2015

The Defense Information Systems Agency plans to spend the rest of this year and the next moving DOD into a new suite of devices.

Rogers downplays NSA moonlighting controversy

The NSA has a new public relations crisis on its hands — senior officials moonlighting for cybersecurity companies and even signals intelligence contractors. But is this trend related to the new NSA director’s desire to “create a more permeable membrane” between the agency and the private sector?

DARPA sets Guinness world record for world’s fastest circuit

DARPA joined the ranks of the record-breaking Tuesday, setting a world record for the fastest solid-state amplifier integrated circuit.

Air Force ready for branch’s first-ever hackathon

In the shadow of the Air Force Research Laboratory, more than 100 civic hackers will spend their weekend at the military branch’s first ever hackathon.

Samsung mobile devices approved to handle classified docs

Samsung announced earlier this week that a suite of its mobile devices can handle the full range of classified information for the U.S. government.

FTC hires new CTO with deep links to Snowden documents

The Federal Trade Commission has hired privacy and technology expert Ashkan Soltani to serve as the commission’s chief technology officer.

DARPA wants to detect chemical weapons with fine-toothed laser combs

  Through a number of different programs and technological advances, scientists, engineers and war fighters can easily detect biological or chemical agents from various sources. However, DARPA wants to make it easier. These agents are often detected through spectroscopic chemical sensing — a measure of how matter absorbs or scatters light in order to pinpoint its molecular identity — but those devices are often tied to a desk in a lab or have measurements affected by other agents in the atmosphere, like ozone or chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). In order to enhance the power and scale of this technology, DARPA’s Defense Sciences Office…

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