HHS launches new cohort of Entrepreneurs-In-Residence

IDEA Lab announced a new cohort for its Entrepreneurs-In-Residence program, which matches entrepreneurs from outside government with HHS employees to innovate on “high risk high reward projects” crowdsourced from within the agency.

ONC releases vision for IT enabled quality improvement

The nation has made tremendous improvements in growing its health IT infrastructure in the past decade, and the topic is continuing to grow as a critical focus in the federal health care community. But ONC recognizes that it will all be for naught if the technology and systems don’t achieve the end goal of improving the care quality patients are receiving.

Focus returns to Healthcare.gov tech this weekend

Come Nov. 15, all eyes will return to Healthcare.gov with memories of last year’s flawed technological launch top of mind as the the Affordable Care Act’s second enrollment period begins. But this time around, President Barack Obama and his Healthcare.gov team are confident that things will be different.

Verizon cloud earns FedRAMP authority to operate

FedRAMP gave the OK for Verizon’s enterprise cloud service to operate as a provider for HHS. Verizon was one the first cloud offerings available to the government.

HHS Buyers Club debuts website

The HHS Buyers Club, a platform looking to revolutionize the way the agency acquires new IT systems, has launched its official website.

DeSalvo will ‘maintain leadership’ at ONC during HHS service

After news last week that Karen DeSalvo, national coordinator for health IT, was asked to join the Department of Health and Human Services as acting assistant secretary of health, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT has clarified that she will not relinquish the leadership duties of her former post.

Will different medical devices call for different cyber standards?

As the FDA receives more cybersecurity risk assessments for medical devices, “there will be a repertoire that we identify with and then look for in other submissions,” an FDA official said.

Todd Park subpoenaed again to testify on HealthCare.gov

House Science Committee Republicans want the former federal chief technology officer to answer questions about his role in the launch of HealthCare.gov.

Health IT national coordinator leaves to battle Ebola

The national coordinator for health IT, Karen DeSalvo, is stepping down from her role to take over as acting assistant secretary for health in the Department of Health and Human Services.

HHS launches $840 million IT-focused plan to improve patient care

Patient-focused health care is about quality not quantity. So the Department of Health and Human Services is offering $840 million over the next four years to clinicians who focus more on quality care than volume using various tools and strategies, including some rooted in IT, to ensure more positive patient outcomes.

OIG report highlights concerns with FDA’s computer network

An audit of the FDA’s computer network immediately after a cybersecurity breach last year detected vulnerabilities in the agency’s system.

FDA issues recs on when a medical device update requires a recall

The FDA issued new guidance that aims to clarify whether a change in a medical device may require a recall – or is simply an “enhancement.” According to a notice published last week in the Federal Register, companies may have trouble determining whether an update to their product meets the criteria for a recall. The guidance formally defines an enhancement and presents a Q-and-A as well as sample scenarios to illustrate its recommendations. “It will make the process of determining whether a modification is an enhancement that much clearer, and companies can proceed with more confidence that they’re doing the right…

HHS Buyers Club set for ramp up after first procurement

Just six weeks after releasing a request for proposals in August, the Department of Health and Human Services Buyers Club — an agile approach to making procurement more effective — awarded its first contract to close out fiscal year 2014. While the program is still being evaluated for initial successes and/or failures, HHS Buyers Club has been cleared to ramp up.

Mark Zuckerberg pledges $25 million to CDC’s Ebola response

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Tuesday he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, will donate $25 million to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Foundation to help combat the spread of Ebola.

CMS publishes Sunshine Act data amid controversy

Health care advocates have criticized the launch of the Open Payments database for falling short in several areas. Although many industry trade groups support the open data initiative, they are weary of the lack of context provided with the data.

CMS extends Healthcare.gov Terremark IT contract, further delaying HP transition

Healthcare.gov’s second open enrollment period was supposed to be hosted by HP Enterprises Services, but the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has yet again extended a contract with the site’s original Web host, Terremark, further delaying the transition to HP’s cloud services.

FDA releases guidance on medical device cybersecurity

The Food and Drug Administration released final guidance Wednesday recommending that manufacturers take those security concerns into account from the inception of their design to mitigate cyber risks.

CDC tries to disrupt public health education with video games

Video games and public health education don’t typically go hand-in-hand, but a disruptive Centers for Disease Control and Prevention event is merging the two worlds this weekend to continue fighting what it calls a winnable battle against HIV and AIDS.

White House releases new open government initiatives

Criticized for his administration’s lack of transparency, President Barack Obama announced a series of new open government initiatives Wednesday designed to improve online accessibility, education and innovation.

Are the keys to interoperable health IT hidden outside the health care field?

Some leading health IT experts say the key to finding new ideas to modernize the health care industry is to not look in the health care industry. So where are those ideas hiding?

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