CMS extends EHR incentive timeline for health care providers

Thanks to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s final ruling on electronic health records Friday, more health care providers should be able to meet meaningful use standards and earn incentives in 2014 due to an extension in years-old standards. Health IT advocates, however, fear it could do more harm than good.

Government can successfully embrace consumer concepts like CRM

Government can embrace consumer technologies like CRM to improve services. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is helping at the state level.

How the FDA regulates 3-D printed devices

As personalized medicine becomes more commonplace, the FDA will be tasked with regulating an endless continuum of customizable devices and making sure the benefits always outweigh the risks. The scientists behind the regulation of 3-D printed devices with the FDA, however, said it’s not much different than managing a normally-manufactured item., plagued by overspending, gets a new leader

In the aftermath of last fall’s flawed rollout, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced Tuesday a new CEO to lead the 2015 open enrollment of the Affordable Care Act’s federal marketplace. The announcement coincidentally came the same day the agency’s inspector general released an audit reporting overspending on a third of contracts.

DARPA seeks modeling help to combat Chikungunya virus

To help organize a defense against a potential outbreak of the Chikungunya virus, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is asking teams to try and come up with an accurate model to forecast the spread of the disease in the United States and the Caribbean, where CHIKV is already becoming widespread.

Inside the struggle for electronic health record interoperability

Electronic health records should be able to freely move between your doctor to your hospital and anywhere in between. Only that’s increasingly not the case.

Feds working to overcome challenges, early failures in public-facing mobile apps

As agencies continually release public-facing mobile apps to better serve American citizens, the directors and strategists behind their creation are the first to admit there is room for improvement.

CDC outsources IT solutions to Dell for another 5 years

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tapped Dell Services Monday for a five-year, $120 million IT infrastructure support contract that will support life sciences research as the agency battles an unprecedented Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

CDC uses software to trace Ebola-carriers’ contact with others

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has deployed a new software tool that is making it easier for officials to find and track people exposed to the deadly Ebola virus.

HHS Buyers Club: Making procurement more agile

The Department of Health and Human Services has launched a new IT procurement system looking to replace notoriously shoddy traditional procurement and with a more-agile, value-driven process for development.

Health Data Consortium adds former Medicare leader

The Health Data Consortium announced Monday the addition of four new members to its board of directors, including one of the Obama administration’s former top Medicare officials.

GSA’s open source first approach gives more software options, better savings

Sonny Hashmi, chief information officer of the General Services Administration, announced last week his agency’s pursuit of an open-source-first stance on software, one of many new IT principles shaping GSA into a more lean and efficient service provider. While some may question whether open source software will be as effective as its conventional, proprietary counterpart, Hashmi is confident this new IT model will put GSA in the best position to procure and develop software in the most cost-effective manner.

Agencies have big information gap when it comes to CDM

A SANS institute survey says the Department of Homeland Security’s CDM program needs better word-of-mouth among government agencies.

Blame rollout on CMS, GAO says

The part of the Department of Health & Human Services tasked with planning the development of did so without enough planning or oversight, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

Agencies showcase disaster tech at White House Demo Day

More than a half dozen agencies and just under 20 private companies met at the White House July 29 to highlight new digital tools to help citizens cope in the aftermath of a disaster.

HHS identity card systems pose security risks

Nearly a decade after a presidential directive mandated that agencies adopt a common personal identification standard for federal employees and contractors, compliance with the directive at the Department of Health and Human Services remains inadequate, subjecting the department to several categories of risk, according to a report released by HHS’s Office of the Inspector General last week.

Analyst charts HHS IT budget plans

If IT companies want to make money through contracts with the Department of Health and Human Services, they need to follow one thing: data.

CenturyLink to provide network services for NIH

The Department of Health and Human Services’ National Institutes of Health awarded a more than $62 million decade-long contract Wednesday to CenturyLink, Inc. to provide colocation, network connectivity and disaster recovery services to the agency’s National Library of Medicine and Center for Information Technology.

HHS launches challenge to curb hypertension through EHRs

HHS announced a challenge Monday in conjunction with its Million Hearts initiative aimed at using EHRs to curb the nation’s high blood pressure rates.

NASA launches open data challenge with Amazon Web Services

NASA, by virtue of Amazon Web Services’ cloud, is challenging the public to use its open data to create ways to study the planet’s actual clouds.

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