Archives seeks new Federal Register director with top-secret clearance

The National Archives is on the hunt for a new director of the Federal Register — one with a top-secret security clearance.

NOAA advances model to expand open data access

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is getting closer to a crafting a model to fund expanded access to the agency’s vast data troves.

Employee data potentially compromised in USPS systems breach

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said personal information for any current postal employee and any employee who left the agency sometime after May 2012 could be at risk. The network intruder also may have accessed information about customers who contacted the Postal Service call center this year between Jan. 1 and Aug. 16.

Budget cuts hit Coast Guard IT modernization hard

Significant funding reductions have forced the U.S. Coast Guard to defer technology upgrades on older ships and a next-generation aviation mission system, leaving Coast Guard personnel at sea dealing with malfunctioning and obsolete systems, according to a new report from the Department of Homeland Security inspector general.

Transportation Department launches website for cruise ship info

Even though the Transportation Department only has minimal involvement in the cruise line industry, the department launched a website last week to direct users to the appropriate agency, whether it be the Federal Maritime Commission or the Coast Guard, to handle their complaint or comment.

What does the White House network breach mean for cybersecurity reform?

As Congress prepares to come back after this week’s elections, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., suggested that the recent White House network breach should inspire a call to action to address some of the cybersecurity legislation pending on Capitol Hill, including the Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014.

NTIS expands free access to federal science and tech studies

The National Technical Information Service has upgraded its research database, giving the public free access to a trove of 800,000 documents related to federal science and technology research.

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates offers sober critique of U.S. cybersecurity posture

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates unleashed a scathing assessment Thursday of the U.S. government’s handling of national cybersecurity policy, blaming bureaucratic turf battles and a dysfunctional Congress for the lack of progress on information sharing and critical infrastructure protection.

DHS sees wearables as the future for first responders

The Department of Homeland Security outlined a new vision Tuesday that focuses on how to leverage emerging technology for the nation’s first responders.

White House unveils executive order to strengthen financial security

In the wake of major credit card breaches at Target, Home Depot and J.P. Morgan over the past year, a new executive order from President Barack Obama will require consumer-facing federal agencies to upgrade their point of sale terminals to a more safe, encrypted technology by the start of 2015.

TSA Administrator John Pistole to retire

John Pistole, the longest serving administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, announced today he will retire at the end of the year and plans to accept a new position in academia.

Tech firms, associations lead response to cybersecurity framework

The nation’s critical infrastructure is massive in its size, diversity and geographic spread — literally tens of thousands of financial, transportation, power, telecommunications, manufacturing, health care and government organizations from coast to coast. So it may have been a surprise to some when the National Institute of Standards and Technology posted a mere 52 responses last week to the Obama administration’s voluntary framework for improving critical infrastructure cybersecurity.

DHS secretary touts technology, reorganization in new approach to border security

The Department of Homeland Security is launching a major reorganization of its border security apparatus along the Southwest border and is urging Congress to provide funding for a biometric entry-exit system to better track foreign visitors to the United States, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said Thursday.

OMB grants DHS authority to scan agency networks

As the number of cyber intrusions increase, agencies have questioned who should monitor federal cybersecurity threats.

Customs drones spent 80 percent of time in border, coastal areas

U.S. Customs and Border Protection drones spent more than 80 percent of their time in border and coastal areas.

The CIOs of 2020 will lead with ‘soft skills’

Come 2020, a hard-nosed technical expertise is not going to cut it for federal IT leaders. Tomorrow’s IT leaders and the people who fill their vacancies are going to require business acumen and soft skills, like the ability to communicate, a group current federal chief information officers said Tuesday.

New DHS headquarters ‘a monument to mismanagement’

Two prominent House Republicans reprimanded the Department of Homeland Security and the General Services Administration last week for mismanaging the construction of the new DHS headquarters facility, which officials say is more than $1 billion over budget and not expected to be completed for another 12 years.

Up & Comers: DHS’ Joel Mulligan

Mulligan has only been at DHS for four months, but despite his youth in government years, he still has a hand in the latest cybersecurity-related information studied by the department on a daily basis.

Light particles may hold the keys to a revolution in encryption

The largest information technology licensing deal ever signed by the Energy Department’s Los Alamos National Laboratory may one day produce uncrackable encryption for use use in personal communications, e-commerce, banking and critical infrastructure data transfer.

CBP CTO Wolf Tombe on lowering the cost of government with IT

Wolf Tombe, chief technology officer for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, discusses how his agency is using IT to lower the cost of operations.

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