DOJ hiring freeze comes to an end

After a three-year sequester-imposed hiring freeze, the Justice Department will begin employing federal agents, prosecutors, analysts and other staff as of Feb. 10.

FBI releases solicitation for ‘malware’

The Federal Bureau of Investigation wants to buy the best computer viruses, worms and malicious exploits that industry has to offer.


Schools held more accountable for veteran treatment

Veterans, service members and their families will have a new way to file complaints with educational institutions receiving money through military educational benefits programs.

Snowden leaks ‘most massive and most damaging’ in history, intelligence chiefs say

It was supposed to be the annual worldwide threat briefing. But this year, almost from the very beginning, the hearing deteriorated into a pointed discussion of Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who leaked classified information pertaining to global surveillance programs, and the deleterious impact of the media’s handling of the data.

Sochi security: Experts concerned about terrorism info sharing

A week after FedScoop first reported the U.S. State Department was sending as many as 350 diplomatic security agents and intelligence analysts to Sochi to help coordinate Olympic security with Russian officials, security experts in the U.S. said they are concerned about the amount of cooperation and information sharing taking place ahead of the games.

FedWire: ‘Iron Man’ suit progress, Army energy research, and West Wing Week

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New commission on forensic science names its aces

The government has made a new commitment to improving the forensic science field. Together, the departments of Justice and Commerce announced their appointments to the newly created National Commission on Forensic Science.

IT security spending projected to top $7 billion by 2017

According to the newly released “Business Strategy: U.S. Federal Government IT Security Spending Forecast and Market Outlook” from IDC Government Insights, IT security spending will continue to climb at 3 to 6 percent each year through 2017.

Want a job at one of the top 10 best places to work in federal government?

The Justice Department and Transportation Department are each looking to fill a C-level position over the next month.

Mobile federal workforce allows for space efficiency

The Government Accountability Office reviewed five agencies that were either exploring “hoteling” programs or increasing their telework programs.

FedWire:, Commerce’s ‘green paper’ and military pay

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On the heels of a government shutdown, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month kicks off

In an ironic twist, Oct. 1 not only marks the first day of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month but also a time when federal IT systems may be more vulnerable than ever because of the government shutdown.

Government, industry come together on shared services

Federal agencies have been tasked with doing more with less. And so in a tough budget climate, the administration is looking to departments and agencies to establish more shared services to cut costs and reduce duplication.

Syrian Electronic Army comes after US military

Visitors Monday to “,” the Marines’ official recruitment website, were redirected a black page with a 10-line letter addressed “Message to the United States Marines corps” and written by the Syrian Electronic Army.

Outgoing FBI Director Mueller reflects on changes since 9/11

Robert Mueller — the FBI’s longest-serving director since J. Edgar Hoover — will step down from his post next Wednesday. In a video, he reflected on his 12 years on the job, which he began the week before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

How King’s ‘Dream’ boosted the FBI’s domestic surveillance program

Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech is remembered for its impassioned oratory and as a galvanizing moment during the civil rights movement. Less remembered about King’s speech was its impact on the FBI’s surveillance programs.

FedWire: GSA Twitter town hall, DHS’ new undersec of cyber, and new Navy tool

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Come claim your trunk of Nigerian money, says scam email ‘from’ FBI director

The FBI’s Internet Crimes Complaint Center released a scam alert Tuesday, warning of a recent rash of spam emails “from” newly confirmed FBI Director James Comey, alerting individuals they had received a large sum of money.

FedWire: Mueller on cyber, robot competition and BlackBerry ATO

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With new documents and leaks in hand, senators grill officials over NSA surveillance

New declassified documents, new legislation and new leaks all set Wednesday the stage for a long Senate hearing, where lawmakers probed legal and intelligence officials for yet more specific information on the government’s surveillance programs.

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