New jobs report is good news for cybersecurity professionals

The number of job postings for cybersecurity positions grew twice as fast as the overall IT job market in 2013, according to a new study.

Sec. Perez takes Twitter questions, disputes CBO on minimum wage

Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 would have little or no negative impact on employment, according to Labor Secretary Tom Perez in a Feb. 18 Twitter question-and-answer session.

How Labor’s departing deputy secretary made innovation work

After his announcement before the holidays that he would be leaving the Labor Department, Seth Harris has been working with his team to transition out of the position. In this exclusive interview, he talks with FedScoop about his experience as deputy secretary.

EXCLUSIVE: Labor’s second in command steps down

After more than 4.5 years as deputy secretary of the Labor Department and six months as acting secretary, FedScoop has learned Seth Harris is leaving the department.

TechTake: Surge in women entering tech industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the last year 60 percent of those hired in the tech industry were women. That’s a big shift away from the usual 70 to 80 percent of hires who, historically, have been men.

Government officials make list of top minds

Alex Ross, Hilda Solis and Cathy Lanier have been included on the Daily Muse’s 50 Fearless Minds Changing the World list.

How Labor prepares for shutdown

The Labor Department issued Sept. 27 its shutdown plan, detailing a complete national and regional office staff guidance.

FedWire: DOD’s supercomputer, Solar Decathlon and Twitter town hall

FedWire is FedScoop’s afternoon roundup of news and notes from the federal IT community. Send your links and videos to

Labor Department’s Xavier Hughes on enhancing customer service

Xavier Hughes, chief innovation officer, Labor Department, discusses with FedScoopTV DOL’s customer service program and progresses.

Women’s Equality Day: In government, much to celebrate, much to accomplish

After a weekend of remembering the march that sparked a series of legislative reforms for civil rights, there is another historic milestone to remember—Women’s Equality Day.

Roundup: Lowering the Cost of Government with IT Summit

FedScoop on Aug. 22 hosted its fifth annual Lowering the Cost of Government with IT Summit, gathering top leaders in government and IT. Here are some highlights from the sessions and keynotes.

Cracking the code on social media accessibility

Accessibility to social media and technology for people with disabilities has recently moved into the spotlight, but is still a neglected area of need. Many think of “disability” as simply referring to physical disabilities, not mental disabilities, hampering efforts to secure services for the large population.

TechTake: Feds talk virality at SocialGov Summit

The SocialGov Summit held Tuesday gathered more than 200 federal officials to talk about the virality of government, with speakers from NASA, HHS, Labor, TSA and GSA.

Labor’s data consolidation: First step (of many) complete

The Labor Department, working with Lockheed Martin, has consolidated its databases around Washington, D.C., into a single, custom-built database center — the first step in a multiyear plan to consolidate its data centers and eventually move them to the cloud.

Feds v. leadership: satisfaction dwindles

An annual report released July 12 revealed federal employees’ satisfaction with their leadership dropped for the first time in 9 years.

SES members unscathed by bonus freeze

The federal government may have been be tightening its purse strings in the past few years, yet some senior-level employees have been receiving substantial cash bonuses – funded by taxpayer dollars, according to a new report.

FedWire: DOD furloughs, mobile apps and Warrior Games

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Obama to nominate Perez to head Department of Labor

Thomas Perez, head of the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, will be nominated as the next Secretary of Labor, President Obama announced on Monday.

FedMentor of the week: Xavier Hughes

Xavier Hughes, Chief Innovation Officer, Department of Labor, is our FedMentor of the week!

Harris to serve as acting Labor secretary

Harris, the department’s deputy secretary since May 2009, will fill in for Secretary Hilda Solis who recently announced she was stepping down.

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