FedScoop documentary on women in STEM hits DC

FedScoop will premiere its first mini-documentary tomorrow during an invitation-only screening at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre in Washington, D.C. Get an exclusive preview today.

Verizon data breach report offers 10-year look at cyber-crime

A decade of data breach information has revealed an unprecedented level of insight into the trends and patterns of cybercrime, including industry-specific trends that for the first time can be mapped to 14 critical security controls.

Are CIOs relevant?

Do chief information officers matter? That was the question posed to six individuals, all of whom have had a career in federal IT management, most of them working the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Dave McClure to leave GSA

David McClure, associate administrator of the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies at the General Services Administration, is leaving government.

Expansion of FBI facial recognition system raises privacy concerns

Documents released by the FBI show the bureau plans to double the size of its facial recognition database by 2015 and will, for the first time, include facial images of millions of people who have not been convicted of any crimes.

Worried about Heartbleed? Here’s some common-sense advice – stat!

In an effort to bring some order to the emergency room triage process to treat Heartbleed, FedScoop presents a collection of the best, common-sense advice for those worried about losing the lifeblood of their enterprise to a bleeding heart.

Commerce puts best foot forward in open data

The government faces various challenges, but there is one that is universal among agencies: unleashing data.

Health IT blueprint released for review

In response to legislation passed by Congress in 2012, the Food and Drug Administration, in consultation with the Federal Communications Commission and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT at the Department of Health and Human Services, released a report with a proposed strategy and recommendations for a health IT framework.

How US surveillance efforts spiked interest in overseas cloud providers

PRISM, the name of the clandestine program, set off a firestorm in governments near and far. It has also brought a flood of competitors to the IT sector. These include a slew of non-U.S. companies offering customers cloud storage options that are alternatives to Dropbox and other services from this country. Their pitch tends to be that choosing them removes worries about what data NSA is collecting and not collecting entirely out of the equation and that their packages are less intrusive and more secure.

VanRoekel sees progress on government’s digital strategy

Next month marks two years since the Obama administration released its Digital Government Strategy for leveraging information technology to transform government services. And while some have complained about the lack of direction and resources to make change happen at the agency level, the nation’s top chief information officer said he sees the fruits of the strategy beginning to take hold.

Armed with tech background, political hopeful aims to shake up Congress

He’s been labeled a hacker. An open source coder. And software developer and engineer. He’s even been a public servant. And now, Dave Cole is running for Congress.

EXCLUSIVE: Despite revelations of NSA hacking, Huawei seeks to ‘normalize’ relations with US

Just three months before it learned the National Security Agency had hacked into its networks, China’s largest telecommunications equipment maker, Huawei Technologies Co., met with senior U.S. government officials in an effort to demonstrate its commitment to security, FedScoop has learned.

Takai lays out DOD’s mobility, cloud forecast

Defense Department Chief Information Officer Teri Takai today said industry collaboration will be crucial to the department’s cloud and mobility strategy.

Pentagon’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter hits more turbulence

Continued software problems related to the Defense Department’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program could lead to delivery delays of less-capable aircraft at a long-term price tag that may prove unaffordable, congressional investigators said today.

Wikimedia DC works with Smithsonian, Cato to expand knowledge of bills, art

In 2011, Washington, D.C., was awarded a bid to host Wikimania, a gathering of thousands of Wikipedia enthusiasts from upward of 80 countries. Hosting the conference was an honor and a launching pad to form an organization around the effort, according to James Hare.

Army preps for first major financial audit

The Army plans in June to announce for the first time in its 239-year history that a large portion of its financial statements are ready to undergo an independent audit.

DC’s Top 50 Women in Tech

In light of National Women’s History Month, FedScoop is highlighting the vibrant, talented and forward-thinking women who shape the conversation on technology in D.C. What these 50 movers and shakers, all with diverse backgrounds, have in common is their passion for using tech as a force multiplier to push government and industry to the next level by leveraging and improving information technology services in unprecedented ways.

Pentagon moves forward on defending space. But the enemy might surprise you.

The Defense Department is worried about another major threat to the fleet of military and commercial satellite systems orbiting the Earth — space junk.

Army chief warns sequestration could force ‘national mobilization’

If sequestration forces the Army to reduce troop strength to 420,000 soldiers, it will not be capable of supporting the current national defense strategy and the nation may be forced to return to the draft in the event of a major military conflict, the Army’s top officer warned Thursday.

New IT strategic plan has work cut out for agencies

The Office of Personnel Management released its strategic IT plan this week, fulfilling a promise Director Katherine Archuleta made when she was first sworn in — that she would assess the state of IT in government and create a plan within her first 100 days.

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