States trail feds in mobile, telework adoption

State government mobile adoption, telework policies lagging federal government.

Is NSA’s PRISM program ruining cloud computing’s growth?

The New America foundation said U.S.-based cloud computing companies are already starting to lose market share due to the NSA spying scandal.

Commerce IG: NOAA needs to better protect its satellite data

A Commerce Department report says NOAA has had data breaches from satellite programs in the past few years.

Army explores 3-D printed food and pocket drones

The U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center in Natick, Massachusetts, announced this week it is studying ways to leverage 3-D printing technology to deliver food to soldiers and developing pocket drones to spot enemies in combat situations. Both efforts, researchers said, represent leading-edge forays into bettering soldiers’ effectiveness and well-being.

NASA wants help downloading data from Mars

The communications infrastructure that links NASA’s Mars robots and satellites to earth is aging and by 2020 may not be fully capable of supporting the agency’s mission. In order to keep scientific discoveries coming from the red planet, NASA is exploring commercial options to own and operate critical data relay orbiters.

Advocates move to make open data more beneficial to citizens

Exploring the social impact of open data, Maureen Ohlhausen, a commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission, and a group of panelists spoke Wednesday at an Information Technology and Innovation Foundation event about creating conditions so open data can be most successful.

NTIA’s Strickling: ICANN oversight transition won’t harm Internet

The U.S. government’s transition away from ICANN oversight does not spell doom and gloom for the Internet, Lawrence Strickling said in a speech Tuesday.

Inside the Pentagon’s scaled back audit expectations

A memorandum issued in 2011 by former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta gave the military services until Sept. 30 of this year to get their Statement of Budgetary Resources ready for audit. But the Pentagon quietly changed its game plan and is now working toward a significantly scaled-back set of expectations.

DARPA wants help answering ‘trillion-dollar questions’ in the smallest way possible

DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office held an expo Friday presenting the new areas in which it’s concentrating its efforts to facilitate collaboration between academics, industry and government that will continue to push the boundaries of microsystem technology.

Anti-social: Feds wonder why social media companies drag feet on accessibility issues

The Federal Communications Commission hosted a panel of experts Thursday to talk about the challenges and ongoing need to make social media platforms more accessible to those with disabilities. But there was one group of representatives that was notably absent from the proceedings: the social media companies themselves.

Miller calls on VA to answer for cybersecurity shortfalls

House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., has called on five senior VA officials, including Acting Secretary Sloan Gibson, to testify at next week’s scheduled hearing on “longstanding information security weaknesses” that have enabled “data manipulation” throughout the agency.

Pritzker announces Commerce chief data officer position

Commerce Department Secretary Penny Pritzker announced Monday her department’s plans to hire its first ever chief data officer, an effort to expand its role as “America’s data agency.”

Surge of STEM-educated hires paints optimistic picture for federal IT

Even though the federal budget is shrinking, putting a damper on government hiring over the past five years, a new report from the Partnership for Public Service paints a picture of a lean, mean workforce bullish on driving efficiency through IT and attracting the next generation of workers to join it.

Will smart cities power the future of cybercrime and mass surveillance?

Research by a group of European cybersecurity experts is raising new concerns about the increasing stealthiness of hacker techniques to command and control massive networks of compromised computers, including future scenarios involving smartphones, buildings and so-called “smart cities.”

DHS health care IT in disarray

The Department of Homeland Security last year deployed a multi-million dollar electronic health record system to provide end-to-end health care services for the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants currently held in DHS detention facilities. But a new report by the health arm of the National Academy of Sciences shows the department has largely failed to provide its own employees in high-risk jobs with even the most basic health services and has yet to deploy an electronic system capable of capturing information on employee health, safety and readiness.

Pentagon releases global tech strategy amid questions about its ability to adapt

The Defense Department released a new strategy Tuesday designed to enhance the ability of defense researchers and technologists to stay abreast of emerging innovations around the world and to better enable development partnerships with allies.

HHS launches challenge to curb hypertension through EHRs

HHS announced a challenge Monday in conjunction with its Million Hearts initiative aimed at using EHRs to curb the nation’s high blood pressure rates.

Phil Zimmermann gets behind the Blackphone. But will the feds follow?

Although marketed to those who fear government snooping, could the Blackphone also become standard equipment for some agencies? The creator of PGP encryption says yes.

Navy promotes first woman 4-star admiral

Michelle Howard, the first African American woman to command a ship in the U.S. Navy made history again today when she became the first woman to be promoted to Admiral in the service’s 239-year history.

Cloud-based services emerge as potential platforms for cyber attacks

Research from Trend Micro, a security solutions company, has found that Dropbox was recently targeted by cyber criminals for command-and-control purposes. The discovery was explained in a blog post last week by the company.

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