USPS loses database and backup in hardware failure

The United States Postal Service lost the digital version of an entire database that records and monitors security incidents due to a hardware failure with the hard drive that stored both the database and its backup. Now the only record the agency has of those incidents resides in five large file cabinets in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Can the federal acquisition process support innovation?

There is widespread agreement that the federal government’s process for acquiring goods and services needs to change to enable agencies to keep pace with the rapid pace of technology development. But there is growing concern that the government cannot truly support innovation without a dramatic simplification of the rules.

Decades of court documents yanked from PACER database

The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts has removed decades worth of court documents from its PACER database to make way for a new system, according to an agency spokesperson.

Preparing for America’s ‘next great industry’: Drones

As the Federal Aviation Administration conducts tests and reaches out to universities to research the integration of unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace, commercial and recreational enthusiasts are not waiting for the agency’s 2015 deadline – they’re making sure the industry is ready when that day comes.

Feds, industry brainstorm future of government efficiency

Government and industry IT leaders gathered Thursday at FedScoop’s Sixth Annual Lowering the Cost of Government With IT Summit to brainstorm ways agencies can leverage emerging technologies to create a more cost-effective and smarter government.

Inside the struggle for electronic health record interoperability

Electronic health records should be able to freely move between your doctor to your hospital and anywhere in between. Only that’s increasingly not the case.

CDC outsources IT solutions to Dell for another 5 years

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tapped Dell Services Monday for a five-year, $120 million IT infrastructure support contract that will support life sciences research as the agency battles an unprecedented Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Here’s how you can help NASA shine a light on photos of Earth’s cities

Can you identify a city just by looking at its lights from space? NASA would like to hear from you.

EXCLUSIVE: VA’s CIO Stephen Warren on serving veterans

In his first interview since a scandal involving secret waiting lists forced a change of leadership at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Stephen Warren, VA’s chief information officer, offers a candid assessment of the agency’s past and future technology plans.

Rogers sets course for a new era at NSA

His first 100 days as the new director of NSA now complete, Admiral Michael Rogers has planted a series of clear navigation beacons for his employees to follow as they seek to move beyond the Edward Snowden era. And he’ll be damned if one outlaw leaker and a handful of journalists are allowed to write the final chapter of NSA’s storied history.

CDC uses software to trace Ebola-carriers’ contact with others

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has deployed a new software tool that is making it easier for officials to find and track people exposed to the deadly Ebola virus.

Chuck Hagel and the secret war over DOD & VA electronic health records

Some of the original developers of the Department of Veterans Affairs electronic health record system, known as VistA, credit Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel with championing the pioneering EHR effort in 1982 and helping it become a reality. Now, more than 30 years later, the Defense Department has rejected VistA as a viable EHR option and is about to spend billions on a new system. What happened?

Steven VanRoekel’s cloud computing best practices

As part of FedScoop’s Cloud Innovation Heroes campaign in partnership with Intel and Amazon Web Services, U.S. CIO Steven VanRoekel talks about best practices for agencies transitioning to the cloud.

NSF wants to keep firefighters a step ahead of wildfires

As firefighters continually struggle to mitigate the havoc of wildfires plaguing the West Coast and other regions globally, a new project funded by the National Science Foundation leveraging Internet of Things technology wants to put responders a step ahead of the blazes.

Up & Comers: OPM’s Amen Ra Mashariki

Amen Ra Mashariki — a graduate of the Brooklyn Technical High School, one of the top technical schools in the country, and a former software engineer at the once mobile phone giant Motorola — has always been a tech guy. The 38-year-old chief technology officer at the Office of Personnel Management, however, is just starting to craft his legacy in the federal space.

DHS, FBI investigating contractor hack

Federal law enforcement authorities are investigating a hacking incident at a contractor responsible for conducting background investigations for the Department of Homeland Security. Company officials said cybersecurity experts believe the intrusion “has all the markings of a state-sponsored attack.”

VA poised to kick-off contract for new scheduling system

The Department of Veterans Affairs has completed a series of one-on-one meetings with companies interested in taking on what is perhaps the biggest, most complex and important government IT challenge since the rollout of — replacing VA’s antiquated health care scheduling system with commercial technologies that will enable veterans to see doctors and receive treatment when and where they need it.

Why your agency needs to worry about ‘malvertising’

Any federal worker visiting a mainstream news website may be susceptible to ‘malvertising’ exploitation kits, according to a new report from Cisco Systems.

UAE ups UAV ante with $1 million prize for public service drones

The UAE government plans to award more than $1 million in prizes for the best new ideas to improve people’s lives using drones.

Senate bill attempts to modify FERPA in era of big data

In introducing the Protecting Student Privacy Act of 2014, Sens. Ed Markey, D-Mass., and Orrin Hatch, R-Utah would amend the 40-year-old FERPA provisions to ensure that student data handled by private companies is protected.

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