NASA CTO Deborah Diaz discusses her agency’s cloud strategy

Deborah Diaz, CTO of NASA, joined FedScoop TV at FedTalks 2014 to talk about her agency’s IT endeavors and moving to the cloud.

Best places to work: Top 10 federal subagencies

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Office of General Counsel leapt to the top of the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government among agency subcomponents.

Best places to work: Top 10 large federal agencies

Once again, NASA topped the list of the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government among large agencies. The space agency garnered the No.1 spot for the past three years, despite budget cuts and the end of the space shuttle program.

Job satisfaction among feds falls to all-time low

NASA once again tops the list as the large federal agency with the highest employee satisfaction, according to a new survey. But overall, federal employee satisfaction fell for the fourth consecutive year.

Could microsatellites be the future of civil Earth observations?

Over the last two years, the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy has made datafying the visible and non-visible information about the Earth a priority — now, the agency is looking into finding a way to capture that data from the sky for less.

NASA supercomputer creates hypnotic visual of Earth’s CO2

Who knew computer models could be so mesmerizing? The GIF above comes from a NASA video, after NASA scientists created a visualization of how carbon dioxide moves through Earth’s atmosphere.

Public and private research supports UAS commercialization

As the Federal Aviation Administration’s 2015 deadline for integrating small unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace approaches, members of the private, public and education sectors are already looking into the ways they can use drones to make tasks easier and safer — with or without the FAA.

NASA wants to send your name to Mars

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced Tuesday it’s seeking names to put aboard microchip that will be used on future Mars exploration missions.

Navy uses NASA tech to direct unmanned vessels at sea

By adapting a software used in the Mars rovers, the U.S. Navy can remotely deploy “swarm boats” to protect high-value targets at sea. The Navy said its biggest threat comes from small boats used in suicide attacks.

Why NASA wants kids to 3-D print tools for astronauts

NASA launched its Future Engineers challenge last month, which calls on K-12 students to design tools that will be printed aboard the International Space Station.

As commercial space travel approaches, FAA issues recommendations

NASA isn’t the only federal player in space travel anymore. As commercial space travel gets closer to reality, the Federal Aviation Administration released a framework of recommended practices for human space flight safety.

Agencies shine in new Twitter handbook for government and elections

Citing examples from several departments and agencies, Twitter released a guide for government and elections usage last week, covering the basics from what the social media network is and how to compose a tweet to more complex topics like live-tweeting events, constituent engagement and Twitter question and answer sessions.

Field of Dreams:’s half-decade transition

When was established in 2009, it was considered an experiment in open government. Now, with more than half a million unique data resources on the website, it’s transitioned into a proactive resource for data enthusiasts, public and private alike. “We work hard to push as much data up and out and to try to be as responsive and proactively go out and work with communities around the country and around the world,” Jeanne Holm,’s evangelist, told FedScoop. “[Over time] we just worked really hard to take it as far as we could.” Holm, who also works as the…

Will quantum computing usher in a brave new world?

News that Google was close to unveiling a science fiction-like quantum computer took many people by surprise this week, but the truth is the government has been working on quite a few of these new devices for years.

NASA review panel to Mars Curiosity team: Show us the science

The Mars Curiosity Rover cost taxpayers $2.5 billion. But a NASA review panel has concerns about what it recently called a “poor science return for a such a large investment in a flagship mission.”

NASA to refresh memory on Mars Opportunity rover

In the coming days, NASA will be reformatting Opportunity’s onboard flash memory, which has been getting in the way of the rover’s science missions.

White House looks to case studies to increase value of innovation investments

From NASA’s private sector competitions to promote the future of commercial space travel to the Department of Veterans Affairs’s invitation for ideas to ease restrictions on nontraditional contractors, the White House released a new document Aug. 21 jointly produced by the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Science and Technology Policy highlighting an array of innovative contracting case studies in federal government.

Here’s how you can help NASA shine a light on photos of Earth’s cities

Can you identify a city just by looking at its lights from space? NASA would like to hear from you.

NASA taps massive coding community for deep space solutions

NASA’s National Tournament Lab is working with TopCoder, a community of more than 630,000 developers, designers and scientists to find solutions from everything to faster email delivery from space to monitoring astronaut health.

NASA rolls out big app upgrade as Mars rover mission turns 2

As a celebration of the two-year anniversary of the Mars Curiosity Rover landing, NASA released an update to its 3-D Spacecraft app that features a bunch of new content from the rover’s explorations. The augmented reality app now offers four new 3-D models of NASA spacecraft that users can interact with and a new image book published by National Geographic. Before the update, users needed to use an augmented reality target to interact with the models, according to NASA: “Augmented reality overlays visual content, like 3-D spacecraft models, onto the real-world view from a device’s camera. To view the app’s content,…

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