FedMentors: Presidential Management Council Fellow Mika Cross

Mika Cross, a presidential management council fellow for workplace transformation strategy in the Office of Personnel Management, talks with FedScoop TV about her career in federal government.

OPM launches interactive dashboard to boost workforce culture and engagement

Furthering her pursuit of bolstered cultural excellence and engagement in the federal workforce, Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta announced Tuesday a new federal dashboard rooted in Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey data to give agencies a deeper understanding of their employees.

Surge of STEM-educated hires paints optimistic picture for federal IT

Even though the federal budget is shrinking, putting a damper on government hiring over the past five years, a new report from the Partnership for Public Service paints a picture of a lean, mean workforce bullish on driving efficiency through IT and attracting the next generation of workers to join it.

OPM unveils plan to innovate the federal workforce

Key to OPM’s plan, explained Director Katherine Archuleta in a blog post, is focusing both on the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Public service draws innovators to federal IT

The desire to serve the public and help people solve difficult problems is what attracts professionals to today’s federal IT workforce, according to a group of senior government technology leaders in an exclusive series of video interviews with FedScoop.

Intelligence community questioned about size of contractor workforce

The U.S. intelligence community can’t say for sure how many private contractors it employs or how much they cost the government, partly because the information is classified and partly because the 17 agencies that make up the intelligence community just don’t know.

The coming invasion: Is federal IT ready for millennials?

The federal workforce is getting old. By 2017, more than a third of career federal workers will be eligible to collect retirement benefits. And that means the government needs to start thinking about how it will attract and retain the next generation of IT workers.

USPS report suggests following private sector lead

The USPS needs to create a new retirement and leave plan for the future, according to two reports released May 1 by the independent agency’s Inspector General.

Report: Agencies should use data to revitalize HR

“Embracing Change: CHCOs Rising to the Challenge of an Altered Landscape,” released jointly by The Partnership for Public Service and Grant Thornton LLP, identifies five challenges facing the federal workforce: diminishing budgets, declining employee engagement, hiring difficulties, not using necessary data and analytics tools, and a weakening human resources infrastructure and workforce.

Survey finds innovation in government at all-time low

The Partnership for Public Service, Deloitte and Hay Group, as part of their analysis of the 2013 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government data, took a look at how innovative the government is and found that in the three years the survey has been done, innovation scored the lowest in 2013.

DOD to centralize, automate clearance investigations

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Tuesday announced sweeping changes to the way the Pentagon conducts background investigations for more than 2.5 million military, civilian and contractor personnel who currently hold security clearances.

New IT strategic plan has work cut out for agencies

The Office of Personnel Management released its strategic IT plan this week, fulfilling a promise Director Katherine Archuleta made when she was first sworn in — that she would assess the state of IT in government and create a plan within her first 100 days.

Budget breakdown: Windfall for workforce, R&D and STEM education

Despite what many consider a very modest pay raise for government employees, the budget request for fiscal year 2015 appears to actually invest in the federal workforce. Unveiled March 4, the FY 2015 budget request proposed a 1 percent pay increase for government employees, but emphasized more significant investments in training, development and recruitment initiatives for the federal workforce.

Intelligence workforce planning hampered by lack of data

More than a decade of fighting terrorism around the world, along with federal funding constraints and hiring freezes, has led the U.S. intelligence community to rely more heavily on private contractor personnel to fill key positions in everything from cybersecurity to language translation.

Federal telework eligibility sees nearly 50% spike

Teleworking is becoming more prominent in the federal sector and is leading to costs savings for some parts of the government, according to a survey of 88 agencies by the Office of Personnel Management.

Feds’ happiness with job still declining

The Office of Personnel Management’s annual study of federal employees released Nov. 8 found a continuing drop in employee satisfaction from 2012.

FedWire: green tech, sharing in government, and new virtual institute

FedWire is FedScoop’s afternoon roundup of news and notes from the federal IT community. Send your links and videos to tips@fedscoop.com.

Telework could save government $11 billion yearly

As the government ramps up efforts to cut costs, new research suggests telework in the federal government could save taxpayers up to $11 billion a year.

OMB releases guidance memo amid looming threat of government shutdown

The Office of Management and Budget on Tuesday issued a memorandum to heads of executive departments, advising them on how to prepare for a possible government shutdown.

FedWire: Mueller on cyber, robot competition and BlackBerry ATO

FedWire is FedScoop’s afternoon roundup of news and notes from the federal IT community. Send your links and videos to tips@fedscoop.com.

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