OPM director defends preference in hiring vets

Responding to a question live-tweeted to her during a digital town hall Friday, Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta didn’t miss a beat in defending the federal government’s push to hire veterans.

OPM targets vets for federal STEM jobs

The Office of Personnel Management has a plan to tackle two of the nation’s most pressing workforce challenges: the shortage of qualified STEM professionals and helping military veterans find meaningful employment as they transition back into civilian life.

‘Disturbing’: Federal employee morale, confidence in leadership drops

In a year plagued by the hangover from sequestration and the government shutdown, the 2014 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey shows that federal workforce morale isn’t getting any better, and negative feelings for senior leadership might be the lead culprit as it has dropped to a five-year low.

FTC hires new CTO with deep links to Snowden documents

The Federal Trade Commission has hired privacy and technology expert Ashkan Soltani to serve as the commission’s chief technology officer.

Presidential Management Fellows program gets high marks in survey, though agencies lag

Presidential Management Fellows reported a high rate of satisfaction with the overall program — but they were less happy with their agency, according to a new survey released today by the Partnership for Public Service.

Is the key to closing the STEM skills gap higher salaries?

Agencies continue to face challenges when it comes to attracting the best and the brightest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to government service. But could part of the answer be as simple as paying today’s STEM standouts more money? Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta thinks so.

UnlockTalent.gov starts the conversation on improving workforce engagement

UnlockTalent.gov — the Web-based tool to help federal leadership easily access and visualize workforce data — is officially available for agencies and departments governmentwide. While some early users are quick to point out possible improvements, the general consensus is that the digital tool is a necessary conversation starter for better federal workforce engagement.

Survey: Millennials are happy, purpose-driven in government

Millennials in the federal workforce may miss out on the perks and salaries of private sector jobs, but for the most part they are satisfied with their employment and believe their work makes a difference, according to the first in a series of reports from the Office of Personnel Management on the 2014 federal employee viewpoint survey.

White House previews data tools to bolster federal STEM workforce

At an event celebrating the expansion of roles at federal agencies centered around science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management debuted five workforce data tool prototypes that, once complete, will help agencies bring more STEM-skilled employees into the fold.

OPM to cut ties with security clearance contractor

The federal Office of Personnel Management plans to end the government’s relationship with U.S. Investigations Services LLC, the security clearance contractor that suffered a major cyberattack last month leading to the compromise of personnel records belonging to more than 25,000 federal employees.

OPM announces more digital tools to strengthen workforce

The Office of Personnel Management is working to introduce several new digital tools to strengthen the federal workforce from top to bottom.

Study finds gender-bias in telework, work-life programs

Workplace flexibility is meant to be an equalizer for those struggling to balance their careers and duties at home, like new moms and dads who feel heightened stress returning to work. However, a new study claims that programs like telework, popular in government agencies, are breeding inequality based on gender and parental status.

OPM finalizes phased retirement plan with little change

The Office of Personnel Management released its final ruling on phased retirement Thursday, allowing federal employees with decades of service under their belts to work part time while accruing partial retirement benefits, almost identical to the plan’s draft introduced last summer. Eligible federal workers can begin applying for phased retirement in 90 days.

Up & Comers: OPM’s Amen Ra Mashariki

Amen Ra Mashariki — a graduate of the Brooklyn Technical High School, one of the top technical schools in the country, and a former software engineer at the once mobile phone giant Motorola — has always been a tech guy. The 38-year-old chief technology officer at the Office of Personnel Management, however, is just starting to craft his legacy in the federal space.

DHS, FBI investigating contractor hack

Federal law enforcement authorities are investigating a hacking incident at a contractor responsible for conducting background investigations for the Department of Homeland Security. Company officials said cybersecurity experts believe the intrusion “has all the markings of a state-sponsored attack.”

Feeding the government’s hunger for security clearances — literally

It’s no secret the federal government has a voracious appetite for security clearances. But what many probably don’t know is that even if your dream is to prepare and serve lunch to those hard-working analysts at the CIA, NSA or Defense Intelligence Agency, you’re still going to have to pack a top-secret security clearance with cleared access to sensitive compartmented information.

FedMentors: Presidential Management Council Fellow Mika Cross

Mika Cross, a presidential management council fellow for workplace transformation strategy in the Office of Personnel Management, talks with FedScoop TV about her career in federal government.

OPM launches interactive dashboard to boost workforce culture and engagement

Furthering her pursuit of bolstered cultural excellence and engagement in the federal workforce, Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta announced Tuesday a new federal dashboard rooted in Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey data to give agencies a deeper understanding of their employees.

Surge of STEM-educated hires paints optimistic picture for federal IT

Even though the federal budget is shrinking, putting a damper on government hiring over the past five years, a new report from the Partnership for Public Service paints a picture of a lean, mean workforce bullish on driving efficiency through IT and attracting the next generation of workers to join it.

OPM unveils plan to innovate the federal workforce

Key to OPM’s plan, explained Director Katherine Archuleta in a blog post, is focusing both on the workforce of today and tomorrow.

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