Recovery Board names Hemanth Setty next CIO

The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board took little time replacing Shawn Kingsberry, the board’s former chief information officer who retired Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 6.03.56 PMFriday from federal government.

GSA introduces FedRAMP Ready to speed up cloud procurement

The General Services Administration has introduced a new category for its Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program to highlight cloud systems proven to be FedRAMP ready.

FDA issues recs on when a medical device update requires a recall

The FDA issued new guidance that aims to clarify whether a change in a medical device may require a recall – or is simply an “enhancement.” According to a notice published last week in the Federal Register, companies may have trouble determining whether an update to their product meets the criteria for a recall. The guidance formally defines an enhancement and presents a Q-and-A as well as sample scenarios to illustrate its recommendations. “It will make the process of determining whether a modification is an enhancement that much clearer, and companies can proceed with more confidence that they’re doing the right…

Audit: IRS won’t hit HSPD-12 ID card benchmark until 2018

New Treasury Department CIO Sonny Bhagowalia has only been on the job for a few hours, but he already has a major department headache to deal with.

NextGen plan cites funding as ongoing concern

As the Federal Aviation Administration continues to attempt to roll out the Next Generation Air Transportation System, the latest joint implementation plan released by the agency said that without any changes to the current trajectory, the project will be funded fully.

Sonny Bhagowalia named Treasury CIO

Sanjeev “Sonny” Bhagowalia, the former CIO of the State of Hawaii, returns to Washington to take over Treasury’s $3.5 billion IT portfolio.

White House unveils executive order to strengthen financial security

In the wake of major credit card breaches at Target, Home Depot and J.P. Morgan over the past year, a new executive order from President Barack Obama will require consumer-facing federal agencies to upgrade their point of sale terminals to a more safe, encrypted technology by the start of 2015.

Obama’s pick for Ebola czar comes under fire

Obama’s appointment of Klain to help coordinate the government’s response to Ebola in the U.S. comes as new potential cases are being investigated and the public is increasingly concerned by what appears to be a lumbering federal and state response to a highly contagious and deadly disease. But the country knows little about Klain, and, it is fair to say, the public health community knows even less.

Tech groups laud Lee’s nomination to lead patent office

In a move applauded by members of the tech industry, President Barack Obama has selected former Google Inc. exec Michelle Lee to lead the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Audit finds Commerce Department cloud contracts fail to meet FedRAMP requirements

An independent audit of the Commerce Department’s cloud computing contracts found services that did not comply with FedRAMP along with other security-related deficiencies.

Recovery CIO Shawn Kingsberry leaving government

Shawn Kingsberry, chief information officer for the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, is leaving government for the private sector.

Presidential Management Fellows program gets high marks in survey, though agencies lag

Presidential Management Fellows reported a high rate of satisfaction with the overall program — but they were less happy with their agency, according to a new survey released today by the Partnership for Public Service.

NSF grants merge computing and environmental sustainability

The environment and the world of computers may be at opposite ends of the physical spectrum, but a new set of National Science Foundation grants seeks to leverage advances in computing to promote the science of sustainability.

Comey: FBI fears ‘missing out’ on criminals due to new encryption standards

FBI Director James Comey called for a national conversation about how far tech companies should be allowed to go in applying encryption to their devices, saying law enforcement faces growing and overlapping challenges in accessing data needed to prosecute crimes. During a speech at the Brookings Institution Thursday, Comey said the new forms of encryption being developed for mobile devices, as well as the rapid growth of the devices themselves, make it tough for the FBI to keep up with ways criminals can “go dark.” “With going dark, those of us in law enforcement and public safety have a major fear…

TSA Administrator John Pistole to retire

John Pistole, the longest serving administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, announced today he will retire at the end of the year and plans to accept a new position in academia.

DARPA wants to detect chemical weapons with fine-toothed laser combs

  Through a number of different programs and technological advances, scientists, engineers and war fighters can easily detect biological or chemical agents from various sources. However, DARPA wants to make it easier. These agents are often detected through spectroscopic chemical sensing — a measure of how matter absorbs or scatters light in order to pinpoint its molecular identity — but those devices are often tied to a desk in a lab or have measurements affected by other agents in the atmosphere, like ozone or chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). In order to enhance the power and scale of this technology, DARPA’s Defense Sciences Office…

Getting to yes: Tech firms fly into UAS debate

Amazon Prime Air, Google X, GoPro and several drone manufacturers have joined forces as part of the Small UAV Coalition to try to get the FAA to move faster on testing and integration of drones into the national airspace system.

HHS Buyers Club set for ramp up after first procurement

Just six weeks after releasing a request for proposals in August, the Department of Health and Human Services Buyers Club — an agile approach to making procurement more effective — awarded its first contract to close out fiscal year 2014. While the program is still being evaluated for initial successes and/or failures, HHS Buyers Club has been cleared to ramp up.

VA official at center of FedBid scandal allowed to retire

Susan Taylor, the Veterans Health Administration procurement official who was removed from her position after an inspector general report accused her of “acting as an agent” of a private contractor, announced her resignation and retirement Tuesday.

New Mexico cluster to focus on unmanned and autonomous systems

As the number of unmanned systems in use in the air, on land and in the oceans continues to rise, recent action by the Small Business Administration will work to accommodate the potential for small businesses to control parts of that market.

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