USPS cyber breach: Agency halts teleworking, union files charges with NLRB

Employees of the United States Postal Service started their Monday with news that their personally identifiable information, including their social security numbers, had been potentially compromised in a cyber intrusion to the agency’s network, but now the agency has announced additional efforts in response to the breach and one employee union is on the offensive.

Study finds gender-bias in telework, work-life programs

Workplace flexibility is meant to be an equalizer for those struggling to balance their careers and duties at home, like new moms and dads who feel heightened stress returning to work. However, a new study claims that programs like telework, popular in government agencies, are breeding inequality based on gender and parental status.

Up & Comers: RATB’s Samantha Hoang

At RATB, 27-year-old Samantha Hoang regularly looks for vulnerabilities in its information security systems and makes sure that patches are up-to-date.

Issa launches investigation into USPTO telework abuse

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee announced Tuesday it has launched an investigation into alleged abuses of telework privileges at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Issa claims telework abuse and fraud has been a significant contributor to the massive backlog of patent applications and said such activity appears to be widespread.

Misconduct report batters USPTO’s celebrated telework program

The U.S. Patent and Trade Office has been celebrated both in and out of government for its decade-plus of teleworking practices. But upon the closer look of an internal investigation, some teleworking patent examiners appear to be gaming the system while their supervisors have no tools in place to deal with the misconduct and the directors in charge look the other way.

Mobility leaders say mobile-hesitant leadership is hindering federal recruitment

A recent study from the Mobile Work Exchange reported potential governmentwide savings of $60 million in work continuity during disruptive weather and $15.1 billion per year in real estate reduction, both of which come from implementing a more robust telework and mobility policy. But for some trail blazers making federal government more mobile, the biggest concern isn’t the money but instead losing out to the competition in attracting a talented workforce for the future.

Census Bureau prepares for 2020

The Census Bureau is planning to use new, high-tech methods for collecting data from respondents on the ground during the 2020 census.

$1.6 billion later, federal mobility has room to improve

Mobile Work Exchange released its “Mobility Progress Report” Monday, grading the federal government’s returns on mobile and telework investments. It found that though the U.S. has invested $1.6 billion governmentwide to give workers access to information anywhere and anytime, 77 percent of IT managers said their agencies scored either a “B” or “C” in progress toward the goals set by the Digital Government Strategy. Only 11 percent gave their agency an “A,” and 3 percent gave an “F.”

New NASA projects take IT into the future

NASA’s IT Labs, which aims to solve IT problems in the agency, recently released its 2012-2013 annual report, detailing more than 20 current and upcoming projects based on three challenges: working from anywhere, seamless collaboration of infrastructure and bringing a device to work.

Telework could save government $11 billion yearly

As the government ramps up efforts to cut costs, new research suggests telework in the federal government could save taxpayers up to $11 billion a year.

Good Technology’s Jeffrey Ait on mobility as a disruptive technology

Jeffrey Ait, director, public sector — North America, Good Technology, discusses with FedScoopTV how mobility can help lower the cost of government.

Congress’ tech evangelist

Anyone who says Congress is idle has never met Gerry Connolly. It is past regular business hours, and the Virginia congressman has just wrapped a meeting with a former federal chief technology officer. Connolly has 30 minutes to spare before he’s off to vote on a slate of issues — and then the evening continues long after the sun sets in Washington.

BYOD: ‘Just the beginning’

“Bring your own device,” or BYOD, has been a buzzword for many agencies trying to keep up with the 21st century and save costs. But the “bring your own” concept is just the beginning, according to Energy Department CIO Robert Brese.

Introducing the TechTake podcast

TechTake explores the bigger issues and trends in the federal IT community, and twice-monthly features a “Women in Technology” segment.

OPM, agencies fall short on telework tracking

Tracking and measuring success of government telework programs is proving to be a difficult task for the Office of Personnel Management

‘Ultra mobility’ Q&A with Intel’s Nigel Ballard

Nigel Ballard, director of federal marketing at Intel, recently sat down with FedScoop for a Q&A to share his expertise on the ever-changing mobile environment within the federal government.

OPM announces new snow closure policies

The Office of Personnel Management announced its dismissal and closure procedures for the 2012-2013 winter weather season on Tuesday.

8 innovations for Windows 8

It’s been less than a month since Microsoft released Windows 8, the new operating system for personal computers. We look at eight new innovations of Windows 8 over Windows 7 of importance to the technology needs of government.

Evaluating Ultrabook Devices for the Enterprise (WHITE PAPER)

In a new white paper, Intel IT is proactively gathering data about Ultrabook devices and how they fit into the enterprise, in anticipation of a wave of new devices and form factors, and the associated expectations from employees who want to buy and use these devices at work.

FedPod: Tech survey presidential pick, OPM telework data call, EPA takes to the cloud

New survey polls tech professionals on the next president, OPM’s telework data call now available for input and Microsoft and Lockheed help EPA move to cloud.

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