Multinational group discusses open data for Earth observations

Representatives from the multinational Group on Earth Observations met in Geneva last week to examine how open Earth observation data integration could benefit thousands of people globally.

Obama commends National Medal of Science and Technology winners for ‘pushing boundaries’

Obama praised the “intrinsic hopefulness” of National Medal of Science and National Medal of Technology and Innovation winners during a White House ceremony Thursday.

Lame duck session: A boon for tech?

According to one expert, the final meeting of the 113th Congress could be good news for technology issues that have been stuck on the back burner.

President urges school superintendents to commit to digital education

Obama urged the nation’s 16,000 school superintendents at a White House ceremony to “take the pledge” and commit their districts to move forward in supporting digital education.

Democrats: Todd Park subpoena sends negative message to private innovators

Lawmakers got their chance Tuesday to question former U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park about his involvement in the botched rollout of And while Republicans focused on his accountability as a leader, Democrats expressed fear that his forced testimony could discourage private innovators from helping with the government’s major technology undertakings.

Focus returns to tech this weekend

Come Nov. 15, all eyes will return to with memories of last year’s flawed technological launch top of mind as the the Affordable Care Act’s second enrollment period begins. But this time around, President Barack Obama and his team are confident that things will be different.

U.S.-China strike deal to expand high-tech trade agreement

Nearly 20 years after the first information technology agreement was drafted, the United States and China have broken through disagreements with a new deal that will expand high-tech trade and lower tariffs.

Employee data potentially compromised in USPS systems breach

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said personal information for any current postal employee and any employee who left the agency sometime after May 2012 could be at risk. The network intruder also may have accessed information about customers who contacted the Postal Service call center this year between Jan. 1 and Aug. 16.

What does the White House network breach mean for cybersecurity reform?

As Congress prepares to come back after this week’s elections, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., suggested that the recent White House network breach should inspire a call to action to address some of the cybersecurity legislation pending on Capitol Hill, including the Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014.

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates offers sober critique of U.S. cybersecurity posture

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates unleashed a scathing assessment Thursday of the U.S. government’s handling of national cybersecurity policy, blaming bureaucratic turf battles and a dysfunctional Congress for the lack of progress on information sharing and critical infrastructure protection.

Microsoft helping government embrace open source programming

Although they have been operating in stealth mode, Microsoft is emerging as a leader in the open source government movement. FedScoop’s John Breeden II talks to Microsoft’s Kent Cunningham and Michael Donlan about how the company is working with agencies on open source efforts.

Todd Park subpoenaed again to testify on

House Science Committee Republicans want the former federal chief technology officer to answer questions about his role in the launch of

CIO on GPO’s IT model: ‘Best of both worlds’

The Government Printing Office doesn’t have to follow mandates sent down from the White House. In fact, without an order from the Office of Management and Budget, the agency instead has the flexibility to pursue the projects that work for their agency and their budget.

White House launches ‘Write’ API for We the People platform

Just three years after the launch of the platform, which allows citizens to gather signatures on a petition for a certain cause, from the development of a Death Star to action on gun control, the White House announced Thursday the launch of an application programming interface to enable petitions to be embedded on other websites.

USAID establishes its first open data policy

The U.S. Agency for International Development jumped on the open data wave last week, announcing its first-ever policy to share its datasets and tools with the public on a central repository.

USDA announces more funding for rural broadband in states, territories

More than $190 million in advanced communication infrastructure, including broadband, is headed to several states and territories, the Agriculture Department announced Wednesday.

White House unveils executive order to strengthen financial security

In the wake of major credit card breaches at Target, Home Depot and J.P. Morgan over the past year, a new executive order from President Barack Obama will require consumer-facing federal agencies to upgrade their point of sale terminals to a more safe, encrypted technology by the start of 2015.

Is the key to closing the STEM skills gap higher salaries?

Agencies continue to face challenges when it comes to attracting the best and the brightest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to government service. But could part of the answer be as simple as paying today’s STEM standouts more money? Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta thinks so.

OMB grants DHS authority to scan agency networks

As the number of cyber intrusions increase, agencies have questioned who should monitor federal cybersecurity threats.

White House previews data tools to bolster federal STEM workforce

At an event celebrating the expansion of roles at federal agencies centered around science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management debuted five workforce data tool prototypes that, once complete, will help agencies bring more STEM-skilled employees into the fold.

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