Conclusion: 2016 — The year of the CIO

Despite everything that is on the docket for agency CIOs, they have something rarely seen in Washington: bipartisan support from Congress.

“Thank goodness there is such strong bipartisan support for FITARA and thank goodness that FITARA legitimately puts the CIO in charge of the strategic plans and budget," said Steve Harris, vice president and general manager of Dell Federal Systems.  

Even with that support, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation analyst Alan McQuinn said it is going to be the funding that matters the most when it comes to the goals of FITARA and the cybersecurity plan.

“In legacy systems, FITARA is coming in handy because it gives agencies the ability to update their systems in order to do the types of cybersecurity they want to do,” he said “It’s going to be slow going, but the steps they are taking are really important. Whether they do it in a timely manner really depends on whether they continue to get funding from Congress.”

Harris said industry will do whatever it can to help agencies continue taking those steps.

“It’s our intention to work with every agency we can and understand what the legacy IT systems are,” he said. “As we go out and attempt to gain this information, we will help agencies move forward and optimize these areas of IT.

This report was produced by FedScoop and underwritten by Dell Federal Systems.