Defense Information Systems Agency: CIO David Bennett

Defense Department IT budget
for FY 2016 $30.47 billion

- Optimizing infrastructure 
- Delivering capabilities faster
- Budgetary sustainability

As the Defense Information Systems Agency moves forward with its reorganization, David Bennett, now director of the agency’s Implementation and Sustainment Center, wants to make things faster, smarter and cheaper.

Bennett said those three objectives will shape how DISA approaches IT from a “transformational perspective,” as it looks to modernize the way it helps the warfighter with its mission.

“We have to get [capabilities] out there faster, we have to do it cheaper as we deliver it, and make certain that capability is sustainable over time in a way that meets whatever the budgetary situation  as well as the warfighter environment changes,” Bennett told FedScoop.

To do that, Bennett is concentrating on two areas: working with industry on new cloud instances as well as finding the best use of DOD’s current IT assets.

“How can we optimize the computing infrastructure that we provide to DOD to make it more flexible, sustainable and adaptable to what the end user is wanting, and do it in a way that drives the price down,” he said. 

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