Environmental Protection Agency: CIO Ann Dunkin

EPA for FY 2016 IT budget 
$439.47 million

Areas of focus:
- Digital services
- Office reorganization
- Office culture

Ann Dunkin has been mixing up the Office of Environmental Information since she became EPA’s CIO last year. With Dunkin at the helm, EPA has plunged head first into digital services and embracing ideas like agile development — and she said she’d been excited how much these ideas have gained traction.

Looking into 2016, Dunkin said she’s also interested in seeing the culture within the agency’s staff continue to evolve.

“When I got there, it was a little beat up,” she said. “There had been some hard times ... And this year, we delivered a tremendous amount of stuff to the agency. And people are feeling really good about what they’re seeing from OEI.”

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