General Services Administration: 18F Executive Director Aaron Snow

GSA IT budget
for FY 2016 $602 million

- Shared services
- Modular contracting
- Open source

Aaron Snow, executive director of the General Services Administration's tiger team 18F, said to expect to see his team “doing more to help more agencies buying, building and sharing digital services.” 

Shared services could be a big focus for 18F, like its platform that it announced in October. It’s “going to help our agency partners more quickly and easily and securely deploy open source-based systems that they build and that we build with them," Snow said.

18F will also do more in the marketplace and acquisitions space — like with its RFP ghostwriting service, which helps other agencies write requests for proposals for modular contracting with open source, agile and user-centered design principles in mind.

“And you’ll continue to see us working one at a time with agency clients to build and help them buy great digital services," he said. 

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