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intelThe Gadget Guy reviews the latest technology for the government and explores related trends and hot topics.

When formulating your agency’s IT strategy, usually it’s a good idea to see what others are doing. Learning from another organization’s successes and ideas can save a lot of effort at all stages of development. That’s why the folks at Intel have developed the Intel IT Business Review – IIBR, for short. It’s a way for senior leaders at Intel to share their insights into their ideas for making IT development work.

Here, you will find articles written by many of Intel’s executives, such as Ed Goldman, Intel IT CTO and general manager of the Intel IT Strategy, Architecture and Innovation group. He had many good things to say about IIBR.

“Whether it’s exploratory or targeted, we have a process for identifying, prioritizing and pursuing the opportunities that hold promise,” he said. “It all boils down to use cases and business value, continually seeking new answers to an enduring question: How do we make things better, faster and/or cheaper?”

Now, in addition to going to the Intel website for this information, you can download an app for your mobile device that will help keep you up to date on Intel’s latest ideas. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play, Amazon or iTunes.