Office of Management and Budget: U.S. CIO Tony Scott

Administration IT budget
for FY 2016 $79.49 billion

- Modernization
- FITARA implementation and acquisition reform
- Cybersecurity

Federal CIO Tony Scott spent the last 12 months laying the groundwork for what he calls a huge year in 2016 — especially for accountability. A number of key policy and legislative initiatives either launched or kicked federal agencies into action on issues from acquisition reform to cybersecurity.

Scott told FedScoop he doesn’t see those efforts slowing down in the new year.

“We have to continue to make more than a year’s progress in cybersecurity,” he said. “It’s got to be priority No. 1 across the federal agencies.”

On top of the number of federal cybersecurity deadlines that agencies will have to hit over the next year, Scott is also driving deadlines tied to FITARA and moving agencies away from siloed legacy applications.

“I think we have to get creative about how we really get that going,” Scott said. “We have to get after the core engines that are getting long in the tooth. The people who run those things are either retired or getting ready to retire, so we have a human capital issue as well as a legacy application issue.”

The common theme in all of these issues is that the federal government doesn’t have any more time to waste when it comes to modernizing its systems. 2016 must be the year action supplants conversation, Scott said.

“I don’t think we can just keep kicking the can down the road,” Scott said. “It’s time to face the music and really decide what we are going to do as a government.”

Steve Harris, vice president and general manager of Dell Federal Systems, called Scott’s message “enduring” and one that will be embraced for years.

“FITARA provides for the oversight, but more importantly, it provides the fundamental changes that can lead to the desired outcome,” he said.

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