Patent and Trademark Office: CIO John Owens

Patent and Trademark Office IT budget for FY 2016 $402.1 million

- Patents End-to-End
- Trademarks Next Generation 
- New system for Patent Trial and Appeal Board

In the midst of calls to cut into the office’s 600,000-patent-application backlog, USPTO CIO John Owens last spring debuted Patents End-to-End, a highly anticipated new system meant to make the patent examination process more efficient.  

Originally, his office wanted to release a similar system for trademark examiners, called Trademarks Next Generation, in 2015 as well, but plans stalled when the office had trouble linking it with the legacy IT system.

In the year ahead, Owens is focusing on unveiling the next iteration of Patents End-to-End, as well as releasing Trademarks NextGen and a new IT system for the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

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