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Avi Bender


Active in Government IT Community


Chief Technology Officer - U.S. Census Bureau

Avi Bender is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the U.S. Census Bureau. This position was created in 2010 to ensure that the Bureau establishes the required architecture, infrastructure (cloud), and innovation programs to support mission critical requirements across the Decennial, Economic, and Demographic Programs. Avi has established a showcase Center for Applied Technology where technologies in mobile computing, ECM, data analytics and visualization, BPM, and social media are evaluated and ultimately deployed through an agile computing process. Prior to joining the Census Bureau, Avi served a four year appointment as the Director for Enterprise Architecture at the Internal Revenue Service. At the IRS he reshaped the EA Program from a compliance activity to one that is strategic and impactful to the business units. He received back to back industry awards in 2007 and 2008 for his accomplishments in transforming the EA Program.

Prior to the IRS, Avi launched a software company focused on ECM and also consulted to Fortune 500 companies on establishing innovation programs. Avi has held executive positions with IBM, Price Waterhouse, GTE (Verizon) where he pioneered some of the early developments in document management, imaging, and ECM. He also served on the AIIM Board of Standards in the 1990's. Between 1984 and 1990 Avi helped develop some of the early integrated applications for imaging and document management while at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. When he is not doing IT stuff, Avi is working on improving his photography skills.

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