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Jeff Martin


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Federal vice president of strategy, architecture, M&A and infrastructure - Dell, Inc.

Jeff R. Martin currently serves as vice president for IT strategy, architecture, and M&A for Dell. Martin supports and is a contributing member of the business architecture team, working with Dell's business leadership to develop the strategy and architecture for IT projects. He is also responsible for developing and implementing the strategies that integrate acquired companies into Dell. Martin joined Dell in May 2012 as vice president for product and supply chain IT support, responsible for the global manufacturing of Dell products and the solutions to successfully build, order, configure, and fulfill those products, and for providing solutions that allow products to be designed and supported.

Prior to joining Dell, Martin was the Transformation CIO for PepsiCo International, leading PepsiCo's transformation journey. He holds an undergraduate degree in accounting and information systems from Illinois State University and an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

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