Rep. Anna Eshoo – D.C.'s Top 50 Women in Tech 2015

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Rep. Anna Eshoo

Representative, California's 18th district
House of Representatives

When Rep. Anna Eshoo was sworn into Congress in 1993, her district, which comprises most of Silicon Valley and Stanford University, was regarded as the innovation hub of the nation. Since then, innovation has become an integral part of the economy nationwide, Eshoo said.

“I've always thought innovation is synonymous with the word America," Eshoo tells FedScoop. “I think it's something that's in the DNA of Americans, and I think that the importance of these issues is all about the future of our country."

In her more than two-decade-tenure in the legislative branch, Eshoo has championed issues like digital signatures, net neutrality, spectrum, FirstNet and energy efficiency in data centers.

I've always thought innovation is synonymous with the word America.

“I've never offered language that is technology specific," Eshoo said. “The ink is not even dry and technology has changed. You have to be very broad, but I think that it's important to shape a framework so that new businesses will be born."

Eshoo advised young women and girls interested in a career in science and technology to embrace learning and to tackle deep, complex issues to determine what the future of that field could be.

“It's very important to become deeply knowledgeable about something that has many complexities to it and to work to advance it," Eshoo said.

Her inspiration to legislate on technology issues comes from her district, she said. According to Eshoo, having the ability to speak for an area of the country that represents innovation and progress is enough to fuel her.

“What would be enormously gratifying to me is that historians will write at the end of the 21st century that it was an American century," Eshoo said. “That's why what I do today, and what we do together today matters."

– Jake Williams

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