Bobbie Kilberg – D.C.'s Top 50 Women in Tech 2015

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Bobbie Kilberg

President and CEO
Northern Virginia Technology Council

As the daughter of a Russian immigrant and goddaughter to a U.S. senator, Bobbie Kilberg has always felt the call of public service. Technology, though, fell right into her lap.

In 1998, Kilberg came on board as the president and CEO of the Northern Virginia Technology Council because she could see the opportunity to be “part of the future," she said.

Since then, Kilberg has worked with public officials and technology companies to promote innovation and applications of technology in Northern Virginia – a task that she said helped the area evolve into a global technology leader.

While the council tackles several issues, Kilberg said NVTC's veterans employment initiative has resonated most with its members over the last two years. The project kicked off in August 2013 and has since incorporated more than 220 companies that correspond to more than 7,000 potential technology jobs for veterans in the region.

We need encouragement for young girls to start focusing on STEM education.

Kilberg emphasized the need to inspire more women and girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

“We continue to have a shortage, and we need encouragement for young girls to start focusing on STEM education," she said

As a natural born public servant, Kilberg said she has always felt a responsibility to give back.

“[My mother] did not have it easy when she first got to this country," Kilberg said. “[She taught me] that it was my responsibility to give back. She could've stayed in Russia, and I could've grown up under a communist system and could have not had these opportunities to give back."

– Jake Williams

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