Charlene Leubecker – D.C.'s Top 50 Women in Tech 2015

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Charlene Leubecker

Former Deputy CIO
Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Although Charlene Leubecker cannot go into details about her current senior cyber leadership position at the CIA, there is little question about the impact she has had in her previous role working for the director of national intelligence.

As the deputy chief information officer for the entire U.S. intelligence community, Leubecker helped shape one of the largest and most fundamental technology initiatives in the history of U.S. intelligence. Known as the Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise, or ICITE, the effort – spearheaded by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper – promises to revolutionize information sharing throughout the multitude of agencies that make up the intelligence community, better integrate agencies through trusted collaboration, and provide enhanced security and protection of classified data.

“We found new ways to make that a reality for Director Clapper. The most important role was meeting with all of the community deputy CIOs and working through all of those really hard organizational change issues," Leubecker said.

The first step is being able to see change or being able to see a different way to do something.

Leubecker hails from a middle-class family in Oklahoma and grew up with a strong sense of service and desire to give back. Initially, she almost followed her family tree to a military career, but an agency recruiter changed her mind.

One of Leubecker's early inspirations came from a quote by Walt Disney: “If you can dream it, you can do it." And that's the perspective that men and women should have when they enter government service as a future leader, Leubecker said.

“The first step is being able to see change or being able to see a different way to do something," she said. “We're only held [back] by the limitations that we place on ourselves. It's always a good day when you know that you are contributing to securing our nation."

– Dan Verton

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