Linda Moore – D.C.'s Top 50 Women in Tech 2015

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Linda Moore

President and Chief Executive Officer

When TechNet was founded in 1997, the Internet, and technology itself, was still on the rise. Now, the technology world is different, and Linda Moore's job is to reposition TechNet for the new digital age.

In the past, TechNet focused primarily on advocating for federal technology policy, but Moore pivoted focus to state and local governments in an effort to circumvent Washington gridlock and have the most impact for the tech industry.

“I just care about the future," Moore said. “I care about creating the best TechNet I can, and advocating for the industry as best I can."

Moore encourages young women who are interested in starting a career in science, technology, engineering and math to not be discouraged if a future in technology doesn't immediately seem clear.

Some girls go off (the tech) track, even though it's a natural inclination, because they don't see that future.

“You get some girls who go off of that track, even though it's a natural inclination and talent for them, because they don't see that future," Moore said. “Then you get into college, you have the winnowing out of women [in technology career courses] where they look around their classrooms and don't see people like them in their STEM classes."

Moore said fighting through and remaining determined in college is what led her to her position today – except for Moore, the draw was to politics rather than technology.

“In college, I worked on my first campaign, and I was really drawn to it because I felt that you can really make a difference for people," Moore said. “I have a strong sense of justice."

Now, after shifting into technology, Moore said the field has created opportunities to connect people, grow businesses and foster social change and interaction.

“U.S. technology has changed the world, it really has," Moore said. “I just find it so fascinating. I couldn't ask to be involved in a better industry."

– Jake Williams

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