Lisa Schlosser – D.C.'s Top 50 Women in Tech 2015

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Lisa Schlosser

Deputy Federal CIO & Deputy Administrator of E-Government and IT
White House Office of Management and Budget


For months between the tenure of the two most recent federal chief information officers, Lisa Schlosser held the reins. Now with a new federal CIO in charge, Schlosser still works on a daily basis to help oversee the federal government’s $86 billion IT investment.

As deputy CIO and deputy administrator of the White House’s Office of Management and Budget’s Office of E-Government and Information Technology, Schlosser focuses on developing and overseeing federal IT policies.

Being “able to adopt new and emerging technology quicker and more effectively within the government is really a key thing that both our new federal CIO and myself are trying to do across the government,” Schlosser said. “[We need to make] sure that we have processes and policies and initiatives in place that help us bring in and train the best talent to adopt these new technologies we’re seeing.”

I would love people to say, ‘that’s good enough for the government,’ and have that mean something good.

Schlosser encourages male and female students to invest time and effort into science and technology careers in several different areas, not just government service.

“I look at the broader number of young students taking on STEM, and [the lack of students] concerns me in general,” Schlosser said. Young people need to “spend time learning how to code and invest in learning basic math and coding skills.”

Schlosser said she wants to breathe life back into the phrase “good enough for government service.”

“Back in the ‘40s and the ‘50s, the term ‘good enough for government service,’ actually set the high bar for performance, right?” Schlosser said. “I would love to see that shift. I would love people to say, ‘that’s good enough for the government,’ and have that mean something good rather than something bad.”

– Jake Williams

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