Mary Davie – D.C.'s Top 50 Women in Tech 2015

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Mary Davie

Assistant Commissioner of the Office of Integrated Technology Services

If your agency or organization bought or sold IT services to the federal government recently, chances are Mary Davie played a part in that transaction.

As assistant commissioner of the General Service Administration’s Office of Integrated Technology Services, Davie heads a unit responsible for about a quarter of all federal IT and telecommunications acquisitions, about $22 billion spent each year working with “pretty much everything that’s going on in the IT space,” she said. “We’re constantly looking for the right solutions to support the federal agencies.”

Lately, Davie’s attention has been devoted to two massive undertakings: supporting the Office of Management and Budget’s category management initiative, specifically related to the development of an IT category, and drafting the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contract, which will replace Networx with the platform through which agencies spend billions on global telecommunications.

I feel like there’s continuous opportunity to make a difference.

A big part of her role with the latter project has been “working with industry on what the market is going to look like over the next 15 or 20 years, which is kind of hard to know these days,” Davie said. “We might not know who’s providing what in 15 years.”

For playing such a large role in GSA’s IT acquisition services, Davie came to the agency as a summer hire right out of college knowing little about what it did. She would tell other young women who are aspiring for IT-related positions “to go for it.”

“The people here really not only made me feel welcome, but they immediately kind of took it upon themselves to mentor me, and so I’ve tried to do that also through my entire career,” she said.

Now she lives and breathes GSA’s mission to serve other agencies.

“I feel like there’s continuous opportunity to make a difference,” Davie said. “It’s a lot of fun and, a lot of time, not easy. But I really like that challenge. And I want to continue to learn and grow and hope that something that I’ve done has helped make a difference.”

– Billy Mitchell

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