Stephanie C. Hill - D.C.'s Top 50 Women in Tech 2015

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Stephanie C. Hill

Vice President
Information Systems & Global Solutions – Civil, Lockheed Martin Corp.

Stephanie Hill calls herself an accidental engineer.

A math and science whiz in school, Hill had planned to pursue an accounting career. But when she took a Cobol programming elective course in college, she never looked back.

“The excitement of engineering and analyzing a problem and figuring out a solution to it is so motivating on a number of fronts," she told FedScoop at her office at Lockheed Martin's Rockville, Maryland, campus.

You can do very well in business and simultaneously treat people well. The more you do each of those, the better they get.

Now, she's in charge of Lockheed's Information Systems & Global Solutions' civil line of business, serving all the nondefense and nonintelligence agencies in the government, including the Federal Aviation Administration, the General Services Administration, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

“We make a difference in missions that matter," she said. “We touch people's lives with the things that we do."

In September, her team worked with the FBI to release the Next Generation Identification system, a biometrics platform used to help find criminals. She said it is now used by 18,000 law enforcement agencies across the country.

“It's already leading to catching the bad guys," she said.

She has three pieces of advice for young women starting off their careers: Develop a good track record and make a difference wherever you are; choose the right attitude, particularly when you face challenges; and bring to the office your unique skills that may not have anything to do with your technical prowess.

“I've been blessed to have a wonderful career where I've been able to contribute to a number of things with great teams of people," she said. “My hope has been … that as I did that, I have shown people great respect."

She added, “You can do very well in business and you can simultaneously treat people very well. And the more you do each of those, the better they get."

– Whitney Blair Wyckoff

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