Terry Roberts – D.C.'s Top 50 Women in Tech 2015

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Terry Roberts

CyberSync Inc.

She's a former deputy director of naval intelligence, a former executive director at the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute, and the co-chair of the Cyber Council at the Intelligence and National Security Alliance.

This year, Terry Roberts adds cybersecurity entrepreneur to her resume. Her new company, CyberSync Inc., is poised to help the U.S.'s 197,000 midsized companies obtain the same advice, tools and attention that the cybersecurity market currently provides to the Fortune 1,000.

The large security companies “really want to find a way to connect with those customers," Roberts said, “but if you use traditional methodologies, it gets expensive and it hurts their profit margins."

I never got bored. I was always learning and growing.

Roberts' solution is to use everything that industry has learned to date from the e-commerce environment and apply it to cybersecurity. “Is there a way that I can tailor and enable an e-commerce platform that would allow all vendors who can meet minimum standards to come free into a marketplace … and then only pay a percentage of the sale, which is really the Apple App Store model."

CyberSync Inc. will use data analytics to power a decision engine on the front end of the e-commerce portal to help companies understand what products and services best meet their security needs. “That profiles what you're trying to protect and then I vector you to options. I can't tell you what to buy, but I can show you the kinds of products and services that can address the issues you have," Roberts said.

Roberts said her entrepreneurial spirit and success to date stem from her willingness to expose herself to an array of influences and relationships, and a deeply ingrained sense of service given to her by her father.

“You quickly make it your own," Roberts said. “And as long as you're having an impact, you'll stay at it. I never got bored. I was always learning and growing."

– Dan Verton

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