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Lawmakers want accountability on EIS

It appears many federal agencies will miss the deadline to transition to the $50 billion Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contract by Sept. 30, 2022 — and House lawmakers are a bit peeved there's nothing they can do to hold them accountable. “No one’s head rolls if, in fact, they don’t meet these deadlines,” Jackie Speier, D-Calif., said Wednesday during a hearing on the contract. “I think we need to look at holding these agencies accountable in ways that get their attention, and I don’t think we’ve done that yet.” Carol Harris, director of information technology and cybersecurity at the Government Accountability Office, said the hard part is that agencies lack a formal governance structure when it comes to EIS implementation. Dave Nyczepir has more from the Hill.

A Message From AWS Educate

With over 1,500 institutions and hundreds of thousands of students who use AWS Educate, we wanted to take you on a trip around the world and highlight how students are learning and innovating with the cloud. Learn more.

Seven companies score $990M DIA contract

The Defense Intelligence Agency awarded a $990 million data and engineering services contract to seven companies. DIA’s Data Science, Operations, Requirements, Exploitation and Engineering (DORE2) is a five-year contract to support the mission of the agency’s Directorate for Science and Technology. While the work statement under the final solicitation was classified, the contract broadly covers 11 support areas including data sciences, Internet of Things, social media and open source, as well as rapid engineering and prototyping. See who won spots on the contract.

A federal website for the coronavirus?

Sen. Gary Peters, D-Mich., is calling on the White House to create a central website for accurate and timely information on the spread of the coronavirus. Peters wrote a memo this week to Vice President Mike Pence expressing his worry that without such a central resource, disinformation and misleading information are harming Americans’ ability to find accurate reports on the dangers and spread of the virus. In his letter, he cites a State Department report that found “roughly 2 million tweets peddled conspiracy theories about the coronavirus over the three-week period when the outbreak began to spread outside China.” Billy Mitchell has more.

Securing Super Tuesday

With Super Tuesday come and gone, 14 states went to the polls without any sort of malicious interference — though there were some technical glitches. Federal and state officials monitored for threats from hackers and trolls late into Tuesday night. A watch floor at the Department of Homeland Security kept election administrators across the country plugged into threat data coming in from the intelligence community. “We had well over 100 state and local officials in the room with us exchanging information with us throughout the day,” a senior official at DHS's cybersecurity division told reporters. “[There are] ways that we can improve both the speed in our responsiveness but also sort through the information with them,” the official said, adding that state and local officials appreciated the communication throughout the day. CyberScoop tracked the process.

Space Force pushes agile

As the U.S. military builds out the Space Force, it wants to intentionally create a culture of agility and risk-tolerance. Gen. John Raymond, the force’s first chief of the space operations, detailed to Congress on Wednesday the force’s acquisition plans — including how it will reduce requirements lists, work with nontraditional defense companies, establish a culture that is risk-tolerant and create its own software development and acquisition program. Jackson Barnett has more from the Space Force.

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