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FedOSS: Census goes open source

U.S. Census Bureau’s Alec Permison and Logan Powell discuss the agency’s open source and data efforts and building open government communities.

FedOSS: Creating open source communities

NCI’s Juli Klemm and NASA’s Chris Mattmann join us to discuss building government open source communities and the upcoming Open Source Summit.

FedOSS: Drupal and government

Phase2 CEO and co-founder Jeff Walpole and Government Practice Director Greg Wilson discuss government Drupal adoption, implementation successes, state and local uses, the government-specific OpenPublic Drupal distribution and more.

FedOSS: Open data gets a direct order Evangelist Jeanne Holm discusses open data, the new executive order and related milestones and the continued migration to the CKAN open data platform.

Ship it: FCC’s DevEx Day pushes next-day code

Move over FedEx, FCC now offers next-day delivery.

FedOSS: Presidential innovation fellows open source all the things

Former White House Presidential Innovation Fellows Kara DeFrias and Adam Becker discuss their experiences and the role open source played in the innovation and collaboration process.

FedOSS: Open GIS with FCC GIO Michael Byrne

Federal Communications Commission Geographic Information Officer Michael Byrne discusses the role open source plays in geographic information systems and how the FCC leverages tools such as GitHub to further its mission.

FedOSS: Big data and sqrrl, government RWD frameworks and the future of open source

Big data open source startup sqrrl Vice President of Business Development Ely Kahn discusses the company’s history, entrepreneurial inspiration, growth, product offering and data security.

hōrd iPhone app aims to revolutionize contract visibility

A new iPhone app, hōrd, wants to change the way federal government contracts are followed.

FedOSS: Open Source for America looks to the future

New Open Source for America co-chairs Deb Bryant and Kane McLean discuss the organization’s future and the state of open source in governent.

FedOSS: Jekyll, Prose, GitHub and

Development Seed’s David Cole discusses “CMS-free” websites, including Jekyll, and GitHub and how the new will leverage these new technologies. Also, how open source will bring world peace.

FedOSS: GitHub’s Ben Balter, NASA Space Challenge, OpenShift codes for America

The latest in federal government open source software with FedScoop’s Luke Fretwell and Red Hat U.S. Public Sector Chief Technology Strategist Gunnar Hellekson.

NASA wants you to hack space (and life on Earth)

NASA announced the launch of its second International Space Apps Challenge featuring 50 space exploration related challenges that range from building applications to designing visualizations based on NASA data.

FedOSS: Open source 101, GitHub, CBP CTO Wolf Tombe, FITARA

The latest in federal government open source software with FedScoop’s Luke Fretwell and Red Hat U.S. Public Sector Chief Technology Strategist Gunnar Hellekson.

Open source government with CBP CTO Wolf Tombe

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Chief Technology Officer Wolf Tombe sat down with FedScoopTV to discuss the agency’s approach to open source software, trends, predictions and advice to other government agencies.

Fed-to-state update: Sonny Bhagowalia

Former U.S. Department of Interior Chief Information Officer Sonny Bhagowalia updates FedScoop readers on the latest developments in his current role as Hawaii’s CIO.

GitHub hires first government-focused employee

Social coding platform startup GitHub announced Wednesday that former White House Presidential Innovation Fellow Ben Balter will join its team to focus on state, local and federal awareness and integration.

Cool for school: pitches programming to the next generation

Tech entrepreneurs are used to pitching venture capitalists, but selling kids on writing code is something new for the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey.

DOE holds open data Google+ Hangout

The Department of Energy hosted a Google Hangout Thursday on open government data and its role in fostering entrepreneurial opportunity.

Citizenville: Calif. Lt. Gov. Newsom challenges government to get its game on

As part of the launch of his newly-published book, Citizenville, California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom wants public leaders and civic innovators to commit to a “Government 2.0″ challenge and help reinvent government through technology.

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