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Navigating AI adoption in government

The adoption of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on government agencies is stirring much debate across the federal government. One of the critical questions at the center of that debate is the quality of the data being used in AI and how much to ensure that data can be trusted.

In a new interview, Rob Carey, president of Cloudera Government Solutions Inc., explores AI’s challenges and opportunities.

Carey emphasizes that while there are knowledgeable individuals in the IT workforce who are familiar with AI, the majority are still relatively inexperienced. He references the anxiety about the technology’s potential to take away jobs, but he believes it will more likely shift job roles. “This is a knowledge opportunity for the workforce to get on top of the horse and begin to ride it and then over time implemented,” he says.

He also talks about the importance of data in AI implementation, highlighting that AI requires well-defined problems and high-quality data to function effectively.

“This is taking what we do today with machine learning and current AI algorithms. And now we are into generative AI that helps you predict things better, faster, cheaper, with near plain language questions. So this is all about what data is the language learning model using to produce a result in support of the mission of that organization?”

“It’s really about understanding that entire data lifecycle and getting your arms around it. So now your data and analytics teams have homework to make this beneficial to that organization.”

Carey explains that the possibilities span healthcare, public safety, law enforcement, education, financial services, and more. He suggests that agencies should define their specific goals and objectives, educate their teams, collect and prepare data, select the right AI approach, build and train models, implement and test them, and continually optimize the process.

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