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Transforming government contracting through AI and automation

Governments must adapt to more digital, efficient and transparent contracting processes in an era where digital advancements are reshaping our work. However, integration with existing federal systems can be a significant challenge in government contracting. Sean Garcia, director of professional services for the public sector at Icertis, sheds light on the challenges and opportunities faced by federal IT leaders in adopting more efficient and transparent contracting processes.

Garcia highlights several pressing challenges, emphasizing integrating emerging technologies, such as generative AI, into government contracting to eliminate manual data input processes or reduce proposal cycle times.

“For decades now, [agency leaders] have had to use people looking at contracts, finding the essential data, and then either populating it into a spreadsheet or system. And I think the promise of AI going forward is it will eliminate most of that labor used to input data,” he says.

“I think, as the U.S. government has already shown us, they are intent upon bringing these modern systems to bear. Most of us in the contracting industry have seen, over the past 20 years, an arc where people used to have paper copies in a file cabinet, and now they’re moving up to SharePoint and file structures, and now we’re getting into modern [contract lifestyle management] systems. So, I think it’s imperative for companies to consider that as the government’s processes and risk procedures get more digital, those contractors must be prepared to capture the most critical information in their business systems,” Garcia adds.

He emphasizes that efficient integration with federal systems is crucial for seamless data flow. Modern APIs play a pivotal role in facilitating such integration. Icertis has already taken steps to integrate with systems like Salesforce, SAP, and Microsoft — highlighting the industry’s shift towards efficient data exchange. Garcia also shares examples showcasing the impact of AI on government contracting, like automation of reviews for non-disclosure agreements or management of foreign defense federal acquisition regulation supplements and agency clauses.

As agencies and contractors navigate challenges, the promise of streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and informed decision-making through AI is poised to reshape the landscape of government contracting.

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