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Understanding the risks and the rewards of AI

Today, every organization confronts questions about how artificial intelligence will apply to their operations, employees and customers. Whether it means a significant pivot in their operating models or an opportunity to scale and broaden their offerings, all organizations must assess their readiness to deploy AI responsibly without perpetuating harm to their stakeholders and the world.

Cindi Carter, global chief information security officer for Check Point, joined FedScoop to share her insights on what steps agencies should consider in realizing AI benefits. According to Carter, the evolving landscape of technology introduces a dichotomy where organizations must keep up with the rapid pace of change while simultaneously implementing robust cybersecurity practices. This challenge is amplified by the need to protect sensitive data, often amassed in large quantities by various industries while meeting customer expectations for privacy.

Despite these challenges, there are opportunities for organizations willing to embrace AI. “AI can be leveraged to help with automating some of that mind-numbing type of repetitive task work. And then that frees those people’s minds up for some of the things we need those critical cognitive thinking skills upon,” she says.

Carter emphasized the importance of understanding the risks and rewards associated with AI technologies. Starting with the question of “why,” organizations must clearly define AI’s purpose and intended use to ensure alignment with business objectives.

She also talked about how frameworks, like NIST’s, play a crucial role in guiding organizations through the ethical and secure implementation of AI.

“These frameworks are super important to make sure that before we go dive right into a new technology, a new capability,” she said “Let’s step back for a moment and have that fruitful discussion around what does this really mean to our organization? How would this business unit or how will this business case benefit from this capability? And how can we ensure the intended use?”

As organizations venture into their AI journey, the thoughtful evaluation of risks and rewards takes center stage. Carter explains why Check Point stands out in providing expertise in the responsible implementation of AI technologies.

Cindi Carter is a global, multi-industry cybersecurity and information technology executive with more than 15 years of experience as a transformational leader for both startups and enterprises.

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