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How agencies can modernize content and data management to improve operations

In the era of big data, there is a lot of information for agencies to comb through. Bill Priemer, president and CEO of Hyland explains that modern content services platforms do more than bring all that data together. They also enable data analysis, intelligent automation and workflow management capabilities that can significantly improve the way government agencies work across departments.

Content services platform not only provides a complete view of all the information an employee needs to make a decision, but it is trackable and traceable as a project moves through its process, explains Priemer.

They also are more capable with processing information in a variety of formats, whether “it’s a document, or increasingly, it’s a video.”

Priemer shares the benefits to both internal operations and citizen services when agencies can modernize operations, workflows and data analysis with their digitized content, in this video interview, produced by FedScoop and underwritten by Hyland.

How digitizing content can help improve citizen services:

The ways government agencies are streamlining workflows:

How content services platforms help agencies better collect and use data to improve operations: