Feds Shine Light on Work, Passion for Public Service in OPM ‘Feds Unscripted’ Videos

The Office of Personnel Management is producing a ‘Feds Unscripted’ video series that features employees from OPM, NASA, Air Force and USDA who discuss their careers and passion for public service. The videos provide insight into the range of roles within the federal government and sense of pride they have for their work. Here’s a selection with excerpts of the best quotes.

Gordon Chen, Physicist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center:

“I came to the United States when I was five years old. I actually came to Washington, DC. My family was living in the back of a laundry on 13th St. I was given an opportunity to make a difference.”

Angie Bailey, Deputy Associate Director, Recruitment & Hiring, OPM:

“One of the ways we’re solving problems is that we pool together some of the best talent that’s out there and, again, a lot of it sits right here at OPM, but then we collaborate and work a lot with the agencies to pool together and to come up with what I think are creative solutions. I think that there’s no better satisfaction than that, than knowing that you’re doing the right thing. It’s not about the money. It’s not about the prestige. It’s not about the position. It’s just really, truly about delivering what you think is in the best interest of the American public.”

‘Alan,’ Director3D Medical Modeling Lab, U.S. Air Force:

Dr. Kate Bowers, Veterinarian, U.S. Department of Agriculture:

“Love what I do. I love the diversity of our job, that we’re able to be on the farm, work with producers, working in the farm, handling the animals, getting in your coveralls, jumping in the truck and going.”

Kathy Dillman, Associate Director, Federal Investigative Services, OPM:

“I have 35 years of federal service and almost all of it’s with the investigations program, and I’ve seen it go through incredible change. I know that tools are important and standards are important, but the real important thing is the people. That’s the one constant that you have to depend on, and I think that this government has some of the finest people, and I like to believe we contribute to that.”

Steve Shih, Deputy Associate Director, Executive Resources & Employee Development, OPM:

“One of the reasons people are drawn to public service in the first place is that they want to do something for their country, and I can’t think of any better way to serve my country, short of serving in the military, than to be a public career civil servant.”

Monsi Roman, Micro Biologist, NASA:

“Some people ask me, ‘Did you always dream about working with NASA.’ No, that was not even on my radar, because that was not something I could have ever have achieved. I think that if everybody had the opportunity, they can do whatever they wanted.”

Christopher Bowser, Wildlife Biologist, USDA:

“Getting to see something different every day … it’s not the same old like going to a cubicle and punching keys on a key board. It’s always something different. That’s my passion. That’s why I come to work. This is ultimately my dream job.”