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Growing demand for web applications creates greater need for scalable testing

Federal agencies’ plans to expand their use of web applications to interface with employees and constituents risk hitting cybersecurity snags if organizations don’t prioritize the adoption of modern application security technologies that embrace automation to eliminate noise and scale processes, says security expert, Sonali Shah in a recent interview.

Shah, chief product officer at Invicti Security — a company specializing in web application security — joins FedScoop to talk about the limitations of traditional application security testing methodologies when trying to keep pace with changes in agency networks as they adopt more cloud-based tools. 

She points to examples in the public sector and shares how federal agencies are strengthening their security posture by discovering their entire attack surface and continually scanning to diagnose and mitigate security for all web applications.

Watch the full interview with Shah and learn more about how your agency can streamline its web application security and compliance.  

This video interview was produced by FedScoop and underwritten by Invicti Security.