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How the cloud helps make logistics more resilient

Government organizations face unique challenges trying to accomplish complex missions with limited resources — especially when logistics play a central role in those missions.

Fortunately, data processing capabilities now available through cloud computing are helping public sector officials overcome some of those challenges and implement more effective ways to serve citizens, according to logistics and IT specialists from Leidos and Amazon Web Services in a new FedScoop interview.

“We’re in a state where we want resiliency in everything we do,” says Amy Freeman, chief technology officer for logistics and mission support operation at Leidos. From a supply chain perspective, that means helping federal customers “to operate through whatever is thrown at them… and still meet their mission.”

That calls in part for collaborating with a wider circle of industry partners, like Amazon Web Services, she says.

AWS’s Samir Mehta agrees. Mehta, who serves as principal business development manager, operations and maintenance, describes how collaborating with Leidos has “allowed us to learn about Leidos’s deep expertise in supplying support for logistics” to the International Space Station, to bases in Antarctica, and to supporting governments around the world. “We’ve been able to think hard about data, and infrastructure as a common thread, to support that world,” he says.

In the interview, Freeman and Mehta discuss how cloud-enabled artificial intelligence, machine learning and enhanced security are helping to accelerate logistical decision making, and improve agility, at federal agencies. And they offer their views on where they see the biggest opportunities for agencies to leverage the cloud even further.

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This video panel discussion was produced by Scoop News Group and FedScoop and underwritten by AWS.