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Personalizing one state’s digital citizen experience

Government agencies strive to match the online user experience of the private sector, yet citizens often face fragmented digital interactions across multiple state websites. In a new FedScoop interview, Chris Gianutsos, managing director of digital at EY, discusses a collaboration between EY and Adobe to modernize one state’s digital platforms.

EY began the project with three major goals: improving infrastructure, enhancing content management, and delivering personalized, consistent experiences for customers across agencies. “By having a centralized digital platform, you get that consistency of customer experience,” says Gianutsos. “And you get to share the data across agencies.”

According to Gianutsos, the state chose Adobe because of its significant commercial experience and continuous product development, which promised a lower total cost of ownership and better long-term benefits. Adobe’s web CMS platform, Experience Manager, served as the foundation for content updates, while Adobe’s Experience Platform provided data and personalization tools. These centralized digital platforms “offer consistency, shared data and the ability to leverage innovations across agencies,” says Gianutsos.

Ultimately, the collaboration between EY and Adobe aims to deliver tangible improvements, such as faster content updates and reduced website maintenance. A pilot project focused on improving self-service options for driver’s license eligibility, reducing call center inquiries, also showed promising early results.

In addition, Gianutsos shares lessons for other public sector leaders considering similar modernization efforts and emphasizes the value of alliances. “Alliances bring together the best of multiple partners, all of whom may have a slightly different experience or slightly different point of view on what is working and what isn’t,” says Gianutsos. “And when an agency or state government uses a combination of providers for something like this, they really are getting the best of breed not just from a technology solution but from a thinking standpoint.”

For more information about the power of technology alliances, visit ey.com/en_us/alliances/adobe.

This video panel discussion was produced by Scoop News Group, for FedScoop and StateScoop, and underwritten by EY.