Denise Turner Roth – D.C.'s Top 50 Women in Tech 2015

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Denise Turner Roth

Acting Administrator
General Services Administration

IT is only part of Denise Turner Roth’s focus as GSA’s acting administrator. But as she looks forward to the remainder of this administration and beyond, she sees technology as an integral means to fulfilling GSA’s mission.

“We have 22 months left with the administration, and as we look at GSA and its role supporting U.S. government … we’re really looking at what do we need to do now to ensure sustainability the next five or 10 years out,” Turner Roth told FedScoop.

“GSA has always led the way with technology, and in more recent years it’s been really around areas of cloud computing, agile development and policy overall,” she said.

It’s important to bring every part of yourself to the table.

Even in her personal life, Roth said technology played a role in her career development. As a Capitol Hill staffer, Turner Roth used skills she learned as a child playing around on a Commodore 64, a home computer from the early 1980s, to work as a systems administrator.

“I had this talent and skill set and knack for computers,” she said. “They were just becoming a regular part of the workforce.”

Turner Roth advised women pursuing careers in government or IT to not limit themselves to one defining characteristic.

“It’s important to bring every part of yourself to the table – whether you’re a mother, a wife or a CEO, everything about you, you should bring to the table every time,” she said. “That’s what’s unique about you, that’s what makes you stronger, and that’s what will make you successful.”

– Billy Mitchell

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