New name, same focus: MyUSA previews upcoming year for innovation fellows

A project for the second round of the Presidential Innovation Fellows program not only has eight new faces — it also boasts a new name.

Known as MyGov in PIF’s inaugural class and then renamed MyUSA, the team was tasked with figuring out how to improve citizen and government engagement. What the members came up with was three different solutions; MyUSA Discovery, MyUSA API and MyUSA Forms.

The new MyUSA team will be tasked with getting the previous fellows’ solutions production-ready and start implementing them.

“Our main goal is to take those solutions and scale them out so that America can begin to use them,” Greg Gershman, leader of the MyUSA project, said in a July 3 update. “Once the tools are in production, we can begin to collect feedback and improve what we’re offering based on what makes sense for users.”


The name change is not the only news. MyUSA has been split into two teams: the core MyUSA team — with members Justin Grevich, Hillary Hartley, John Kemp and Raphael Villas — and the BusinessUSA team — with John Felleman, Claire Holroyd, Alison Rowland and Amos Stone. The business team will work on building and developing an example of what the capabilities for MyUSA are, and the other team will work on improving the existing solutions and scaling them out.

These individuals are just eight of 47 new innovation fellows who will spend the next six to 12 months working on various projects to improve the federal government.

To learn more about the newest round of PIF and what the fellows are doing, click here.

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