Forcepoint’s George Kamis talks about cyber alert overload

Agencies across government are facing an ever-increasing stream of cybersecurity alerts. A survey of the government IT community by FedScoop on cybersecurity showed that one out of five federal IT professionals have more than 20 distinct cyberthreat detection systems they must monitor.

There’s a downside to that cyber alert “overload,” Forcepoint Federal Chief Technology Officer George Kamis told FedScoop’s Wyatt Kash.

“It’s much like car alarms going off in a parking lot — its symptom is that no one pays attention because it happens so much,” Kamis said.

He advocates for a technology that brings together all of an organization’s cybersecurity information into a single “pane” — and that red flags the most critical alerts. He added that Forcepoint is building a cyber dashboard that conducts analytics on alerts and integrates its various threat products into one portal.

Kamis elaborated on these and other recommendations for automating cybersecurity measures in a recent webinar, “Cybersecurity Alert Overload, Gaining the Upper Hand,” available on demand via FedScoop.

Download the full FedScoop report on cybersecurity alerts, which appear in FedScoop’s May 18 story.