Good Harbor’s Richard Clarke talks about the impact of Yahoo’s massive data breach

Good Harbor Chairman and CEO Richard Clarke speaks with host Kevin Greene about the impact of Yahoo’s massive data breach and the growing concern of citizen privacy. Clarke shares his insight on what the government needs to do to protect this nation’s voting and election process. Clarke also provides cybersecurity recommendations that he would like each presidential candidate to address as part of their cybersecurity strategy.

Richard Clarke is an internationally recognized expert on cybersecurity, homeland security, national security and counterterrorism. He served for 30 years in the United States Government, including an unprecedented 10 continuous years as a White House official, serving three consecutive presidents. In the White House he was special assistant to the president for global affairs, special adviser to the president for cyberspace, and national coordinator for security and counterterrorism. Prior to his White House years, he served as assistant secretary of State, and held other positions in the State Department and the Pentagon for 20 years.


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