NASA extends earth data contract with Raytheon

Raytheon will continue to manage NASA's Earth Observing Systems Data and Information System, a system that distributes 27.9 terabytes of data per day to users

NASA has awarded a five-year, $240 million contract to Raytheon to manage its massive repository of earth science data.

Raytheon will manage NASA’s Earth Observing Systems Data and Information System (EOSDIS), the agency’s portal for its extensive collection of earth data collected by agency and international satellite missions.

The EOSDIS system contains 9.1 petabytes of data — the equivalent of 910 Wikipedias — measuring various parts of the planet’s atmosphere, land and oceans, along with various interactions with the sun and an array of socioeconomic data.


Raytheon is responsible for running NASA’s Earth Observing Systems Data and Information System. (NASA)


The contract marks the third time Raytheon won a contract to maintain, operate and develop the system. The Massachusetts-based company has been running the system since 1992.

Under the contract, Raytheon will provide software maintenance and enhancement, evolve hardware, and develop an application that will allow users to better process and visualize data.

According to business analytics firm Govini, Raytheon is among the top five contractors for NASA, behind Lockheed Martin, Orbital Sciences ATK, Boeing and SpaceX respectively.

Greg Otto

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